7 Places In Dubai That Are Perfect For A Scenic Walk

by Angel Merchant
7 Places In Dubai That Are Perfect For A Scenic Walk

With the current situation we find ourselves in today, there’s not much we can do. Malls are closed of spaces we don’t want to be in, and other than that, there isn’t much else. However, while the danger of summer is looming over our heads, its not here yet. That means we get to enjoy the fleeting weeks of spring for just a little while longer. So, we’ve put together of some of the best places to walk in Dubai. We all know that after a hard day’s of work, we all want nothing more than to sink into our couches, and get lost in the TV. But this healthier option can turn out to be unexpectedly scenic, fun, and calming. We’ve laid out a list of some of the best places to walk around, in Dubai. Time to get healthy!

1. Jumeirah Corniche

The Jumeirah corniche is a great place to relax your mind, calm yourself and rejuvenate. It can also be the perfect spot to spend some quality time with your family and friends. If you’re not feeling the walk too much, you can take a nice dip in the swimming pool at the park. The beach has a number of food outlets and stations, with a very popular one being SALT. You can treat yourself to a nice juicy burger after your long walk with the beautiful view of the Burj Al Arab. Or, you can opt for their famous lotus ice cream, and walk the carbs off the next day!

Top Places To Walk In Dubai
Credits: Jumeirah/facebook

2. Palm Jumeirah Crescent

This is a newly constructed 11 Kilometre walking track overlooking the Palm Jumeirah. You won’t find any shades along the track, so make sure you’re carrying a large bottle of water with you at all times. The track starts at Eden Beach club and ends at the one and only The Palm. It’s great for jogging, running, or casual walking. The view of the Palm is serene, and the long walk is calming.

Top Places To Walk In Dubai
Credits: thenational.ae

3. Arabian Ranches

This is a 10 kilometre walk within Arabian Ranches. It is unique in the way that if you feel like you can’t walk the whole 10 kilometre stretch, there are multiple exits you can take along the way, that end up in different neighbourhoods. So if you’re feeling tired half way through, no need to fret. Take an exit and get back to where you started!

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4. Burj Park

This is probably the hottest walking spot in Dubai. It’s only about a 2.5 kilometre walk, but is great for sightseeing and tourism. You can check out the Burj Khalifah, The Dubai Opera, and much more. There are also quite a few activities that take place such as Yoga and other fun sports.

Top Places To Walk In Dubai
Credits: Burj park/facebook

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5. Dubai Marina Promenade

This walking track is adjacent to the Dubai Marina, and really gives a scenic view to walk along side on. The entire loop is about 7 Kilometres long, and takes around an hour to complete. There are a number of eateries and cafes surrounding the track, so at any point, you can stop and grab a bite to eat. There are also a number of activities that take place throughout the year on the promenade such as food festivals and movie screenings.

Top Places To Walk In Dubai
Credits: Dubai marina promenade/facebook

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6. Quranic Park

This park has a stellar walking track and a unique theme. It reflects the themes present in the Holy Quran. You can check out the interesting greenhouse that contains plants mentioned in the Holy Book. You can also find beautiful arabic calligraphy surrounding the park as you walk around. There are places to rest, play areas for children, and cafeterias in and around the park if you get hungry.

7. Deira Gold Souk

Experience a completely different Dubai, as you walk through the hustle bustle on the streets of the Gold souk. As you walk along, you’ll be taking in strong scents of spices. The street is never dull and is always buzzing with life. Check out jewellery at the Gold Souk or shop for clothes at the nearby shops. There is no walking track of course, but if you manage to get around the entire souk, you’re in for quite a workout. Works well for those who don’t enjoy the endless walking!