8 Things You Should Avoid Carrying On A Trek

by Vinita Jain
8 Things You Should Avoid Carrying On A Trek

While packing for a trip or trek many of us have the tendency to pack everything. Because as our elders say, kisi cheez ki kami ni honi chaiye. Well, this rule is not implied when you’re going on a trek. It is very important to carry a lightweight backpack while trekking. Because a lighter backpack means less force on joints and one can hike faster. So, here are 8 things you should avoid carrying on a trek. Check them out!!

Things Not To Carry On A Trek

1. Avoid Carrying Metal Bottles

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Metal bottles are durable and keep water cool. But at high altitudes, the water does not need to be cooled. Carry a lightweight bottle instead. Mostly, there will be multiple water supply spots present along your trek route. Consider refilling your bottle rather than carrying extra bottles.

2. No Additional Footwear

No extra flip-flops, heeled sandals or casual wear is required. You will spend most of your day in your trekking shoes. If you at all need to carry anything other than your trekking shoes, carry a pair of sandals which you might need in campsites and homestays.

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3. No Bulky Towels

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Carry a thin towel instead of carrying bulky towels (turkey towels). Also, microfiber towels are easily available nowadays. Consider taking them, they are compact, have the super absorbent capability, and can be dried quickly.

4. Avoid Carrying Toiletries In Huge Quantities

Honestly, while trekking, only basic toiletries like face wash, hand wash, and toothpaste are required. Let go of the other body products.

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5. Don’t Carry A Full Packet Of Wet Wipes

Avoid carrying a full packet of wet wipes. We understand that while trekking, we sweat a lot. But consider carrying a handkerchief or a small packet of wet wipes. Remember, the less you carry, the more enjoyable your journey will be.

6. Avoid Carrying Electronics

Electronics are the foundation for survival in this technology-driven generation. But let go of that burden, both literally and figuratively. Carry a power bank, your mobile phone and a camera maybe. Nothing more than that. Being in the mountains is a break from the constant humming of electronics.

7. Don’t Carry Too Many Packed Food Materials

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If you’re travelling with any trekking group, most likely, meals and refreshments will be provided. Confirm all these prior with your trekking coaches. After that also, if you want, carry only a few packed food items. Even if you have a big appetite, the high altitude will fill you up.

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8. Don’t Pack For ‘What-If’ Situations

Things Avoid Carrying On Trek
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We tend to carry extra clothes, umbrellas, raincoats and other things thinking about what if or just in case. Most of the time, there is little point in packing extra pounds for situations that may never happen. And, if something happens also, no worries, at least you’ll have a memorable and adventurous hiking story.

In short, carry minimum things on a trek. It should look more like a survival kit than a fancy vacation suitcase.

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