8-Year-Old Boy Of Blind Parents Drives E-Rickshaw In Andhra Pradesh; Also Goes To School

by Suchismita Pal
8-Year-Old Boy Of Blind Parents Drives E-Rickshaw In Andhra Pradesh; Also Goes To School

The schedule of 8-year-old Raja Gopal Reddy is quite different from the other kids of his age. As his parents are visually impaired, Gopal drives an e-rickshaw in his school uniform after studies to support his family. His parents sell groceries and vegetables in Chandragiri Town of Chittor, Andhra Pradesh. But their earnings are not enough to run the family. So, at this little age, Gopal, being the eldest among his siblings, has taken up the responsibility of being the breadwinner of the family.

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Gopal Drives E-Rickshaw To Feed His Family

Gopal is a student of Class 3. The little income he earns from driving the e-rickshaw helps him feed his parents and siblings. According to an India Today report, Gopal said, “After my studies, I take my mother and father to places in the auto. Being an elder son, it’s my responsibility to help the family.” By driving the e-rickshaw, he also transports pulses and rice to the market. Some locals have expressed concerns over the consequences if he ends up hitting someone on the road.

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TDP National General Secretary Offered Help To The Family

Despite being blind, Papi Reddy and his wife are working hard to ensure that their kids have a bright future. The children are physically fit. The couple has also reached out to the government to assist their children in the completion of their studies. They also want the pension received from the government to be increased. At present, the couple receives a pension of ₹3000. After the news of their son driving the e-rickshaw went viral, TDP national general secretary Nara Lokesh offered help to the family.

The minister said that the party will assist the family in covering the EMI cost of the electric auto through a fundraiser. He added that the party will contribute an amount of ₹50,000.