87% Of LGBTQ+ Families Feel Popular Travel Destinations Are Off-Limits, Research Reveals

Explore how identity influences travel decisions, behaviours, and the growing inclusivity within the travel industry.

by Mallika Khurana
87% Of LGBTQ+ Families Feel Popular Travel Destinations Are Off-Limits, Research Reveals

Picture this: a family eagerly planning their dream vacation, filled with anticipation and excitement. But for many LGBTQ+ families, this process is tinged with a unique set of challenges and anxieties. As more queer families set out on their trips, they find themselves navigating a complex landscape where their identity significantly influences every aspect of their journey. Now, groundbreaking research from Booking.com’s Travel Proud initiative offers a revealing glimpse into the realities faced by LGBTQ+ families on the road.

How LGBTQ+ Families Choose Their Travel Destinations

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Choosing a destination is the first step in planning a vacation for any traveller. However, for LGBTQ+ parents, this decision is often accompanied by specific concerns. According to the research, 60% of LGBTQ+ parents feel that their identity significantly impacts their vacation research and destination choices. 

A striking 78% of these travellers prioritise investigating how LGBTQ+ family-friendly a destination is before making their final decision. Despite the progress made in many parts of the world, there are still significant constraints on LGBTQ+ family travel. The research reveals that 87% of LGBTQ+ parents feel that some popular destinations are off-limits due to their or a family member’s LGBTQ+ identity. This exclusion has a tangible impact on their travel dreams, with 72% agreeing that these limitations have negatively affected their bucket lists.

Safety and comfort are paramount concerns for LGBTQ+ families when they are away from home. The research highlights that 71% of LGBTQ+ parents believe their identity negatively impacts how they and their families behave while travelling. Similarly, 74% feel it affects how they present themselves in public.

This concern for safety leads many LGBTQ+ parents to modify their appearance and behaviour when travelling. A significant 83% admit to making such changes while catching a flight, and a remarkable 90% create alter egos to obscure their identity during their travels.

Despite these challenges, positive changes are emerging within the travel industry. Increased inclusivity efforts are making a notable difference. According to the research, 80% of LGBTQ+ families feel more comfortable travelling due to these changes, and 81% say that being LGBTQ+ has made them feel more confident as travellers.

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Making The World More Accessible

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In destinations with adequate legislation to protect LGBTQ+ rights, most LGBTQ+ parents report feeling comfortable throughout their travel journey. An impressive 83% feel comfortable catching flights from their home country, 84% are at ease using public transportation, 87% feel secure eating in restaurants, and 88% are comfortable going out late in the evening with their family.

To further support LGBTQ+ travellers, Booking.com’s Travel Proud program certifies properties that have completed inclusive hospitality training. These certified properties are committed to providing welcoming and inclusive stays for all guests, making it easier for LGBTQ+ families to explore the world with confidence.

Through the insights revealed in this research, it is clear that while LGBTQ+ families face unique challenges when travelling, the growing inclusivity within the travel industry is fostering a more welcoming environment for all. As awareness and acceptance continue to rise, the world becomes a more accessible place for queer families to create lasting memories together.

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