A Bitter Coffee Isn’t Always Stronger And Here’s Why

by Sushmita Mahanta
A Bitter Coffee Isn’t Always Stronger And Here’s Why

We often hear people saying, “Have you got anything stronger?” while ordering coffee. And then they go, “the more bitter, the better.” Well, not many people know but a Bitter coffee isn’t always stronger! The main thing about coffee is the way it’s brewed. Be it brewing filter, espresso, instant, plunger, or any other coffee, each has a different method and specific water needs. Strong coffee definitely means a strong taste. And even though you might equate bitter to a strong cup of coffee. But a bitter coffee doesn’t necessarily mean more caffeine and it all depends on what roast you’re using to make your brew!

One Can Have A Bitter Coffee With Relatively Low Caffeine

Bitterness doesn’t equate to strength in a coffee and it all mostly depends on the roast used for brewing. A dark roast means that the beans were at the roaster for a long period and hence have less caffeine. A light roast might surprise you because it might actually have more caffeine in it! So if you over-extract a lightly roasted coffee, you will end up having a bitter, or so to say a “strong” coffee in terms of caffeine content. Now to speak of caffeine concentration, a milligram per milliliter (mg/ml) basis; espresso methods are the most concentrated and might deliver up to 4.2 mg/ml which is about three times higher than other methods like Moka pot and cold brewing among many others.

The Strength Scales Displayed For Coffee On Stores Are Not Useful

People are somehow obsessed with coffee strength, mostly caffeine lovers. And that’s what makes them rely on the useless strength scales displayed on bags of off-the-shelf coffee. Some also rely on bitterness and equate it with stronger coffee. However, coffee is all about nuances. Your coffee could be relatively low in caffeine and still make for a bitter coffee while a really fruity and sweet coffee might be high in caffeine. Hence, the strength of a coffee shouldn’t be determined by its bitterness or sweetness. Numerous other compounds are extracted while brewing which contribute to the aroma, flavor, and function of a cup of coffee.

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