A Degree From IIT-IIM Will Not Only Land You A Good Job But Also A House On Rent In Bengaluru 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
A Degree From IIT-IIM Will Not Only Land You A Good Job But Also A House On Rent In Bengaluru 

If you thought being an IIT-IIM graduate would land you some of the best jobs in the country, well wait, you can also get a house on rent based on that degree. Confused? Yes, you read that totally right. A Bengaluru landlord’s weird demand will actually not make you believe your eyes. A person in Bengaluru was denied a house on rent by the landlord only because he was not an IIT, IIM, ISB, or CA by profession.

IIT-IIM Degree For House On Rent In Bengaluru

An alumni of VIT, Priyansh Jain, shared his conversations with a house broker in Bengaluru, and the post has gone viral. He said that he will not be giving Priyansh the flat on rent only because he is not a graduate from IIT, IIM, or ISB. He also said that he would have given him the flat if he were a CA by profession.

The owner of the flat was very specific about whom he wanted as his tenant. The screenshots speak about how the owner asked him about his details, like where he works. Priyansh said that he worked at Atlassian, which is an Australian software company. He also mentioned that he was a vegetarian.

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LinkedIn Profile Is Also Important

He shared a screenshot where he spoke to another broker who was keen to see his LinkedIn profile before anything else. It looks like your LinkedIn profile has to be very strong to land a house on the market in Karnataka’s capital city. The post by Priyansh went viral, and many people shared it.

Some of them tagged an older tweet where they went through a similar situation while renting a house in Bengaluru. Some users claimed to have witnessed this happening in Hyderabad. Some of them shared other weird demands they faced while renting a house in the past.

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Cover Image Courtesy: @priyanshjain/twitter and Flickr