A Desalinization Project Is Transforming Into A Museum District In The Heart Of Jeddah & We Can’t Wait To Visit!

by Deeplata Garde
A Desalinization Project Is Transforming Into A Museum District In The Heart Of Jeddah & We Can’t Wait To Visit!

Saudi is witnessing some revolutionary changes in its infrastructure. Some major mega projects are coming to the kingdom. Industrial space in Saudi is transforming into a museum and we can’t wait to visit. Only the ideation has been announced for now and it’s already making us curious about the upcoming project. Heatherwick Studio is planning on constructing a new museum project replacing an old desalination project in Jeddah, Saudi.

The Jeddah Central Museum

Pic Creds: Jeddah Central

The desalination plant will be converted into an array of art studios and gallery spaces. The undertaking will serve as the focal point of a brand-new cultural neighbourhood on Jeddah’s coastline. The Museum is a sizable facility that provides working areas, studios, and ateliers for makers and artists. Additionally, as part of its program, it offers exhibition areas that can hold large-scale commissions so that patrons can get to know and be inspired by the upcoming generation of artists.

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What Can We Expect At The Project?

The main turbine hall will change into a dramatic exhibition space as part of the project, drawing comparisons between the site’s huge industrial aspect and its human size. The intervention also seeks to transform the building into a bazaar, or souk, for manufacturers in various creative industries. It features areas where tourists, artists, and makers interested in researching and reflecting on all of Jeddah’s historic and contemporary cultures can make, learn, interact, and exchange ideas.

A broader cultural complex that spans 5.7 million square meters in the centre of Jeddah includes the new Museum. The district would create residential spaces as well as services for tourists, athletes, sports fans, and shoppers. Early design stages are still on the completion stage for the project.

The initiative carries on Jeddah’s legacy of positioning itself as a hub for makers and artists while actively interacting with the artistic community.

Saudi is inviting more western projects into the kingdom and the growth is reflective. The contemporary culture shift is majorly happening in famous cities like Riyadh, and Jeddah. So on your next trip to Saudi, make sure you add these cities to your itinerary.

Cover Image Courtesy: Heartwick Studio