A Passenger Flew To Dubai SOLO On An Air India Plane From India To Dubai

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
A Passenger Flew To Dubai SOLO On An Air India Plane From India To Dubai

UAE-based Businessman and a gold visa holder S.P. Singh Oberoi was the ONLY passenger on an Air India plane which flew from India to Dubai. The UAE expat is the latest passenger who had a whole flight all to himself. Singh flew from Amritsar in the north Indian state of Punjab to Dubai on 23 June.

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Singh Had A Whole Flight To Himself For Just AED 740

Singh travelled to India on 12 June. Earlier, it was announced that Air India would resume services from India to Dubai starting 23 June. However, the airline had to extend the ban, thereby cancelling flights from India. Singh who had booked a ticket in the same flight, had a gala time, as he paid only AED 740 to have a whole flight to himself.

Singh told Khaleej Times that the pilot greeted him and also gave him a royal treatment. “I was measuring the length of the plane by my steps,” he added. Upon landing in DXB, he underwent a PCR test and the airport staff were surprised after they got to know about his co-passengers. They were all surprised to know he was the only one on the flight.

Initially, told his family members that he will not be able to travel back to the UAE. However, he ticket off all the boxes and had all the necessary documents to enter the UAE, including the golden visa.

He had also played an active role in repatriation of Indian labourers during the Covid-19-enforced lockdown restrictions last year. Singh, who hails from Patiala, came to Dubai to work as a mechanic. After working here for four years he returned to his home town in Punjab to start off a company that supplied construction and building materials. He later returned to Dubai in 1993, and started General Trading Company and Dubai Grand Hotel in 1998. Singh also started Oberoi Properties & Investments LLC in 2004.

As of today, UAE authorities have permitted diplomats, golden visa holders, and Emiratis to travel from India, despite the ban. In addition, vaccinated UAE residents with a valid residency visa can travel back to Dubai. The vaccine must be recognized by the UAE government and passengers must have received both doses of the UAE-approved vaccine. Read more here. 

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