A Perfect Vacation = 8 Days Long!

by Madhusree Chatragadda
A Perfect Vacation = 8 Days Long!

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Wondering how to go on a great vacation? Here are some health benefits you should be aware of!


What Is It?

The Journal Of Happiness Studies states that the best vacation duration is 8 days long. Why 8 days you ask? Well, it gives you time to glide into a more relaxed and soothing routine.


Anything less than that will not prove to be a rejuvenating experience. Also, the research records that after 8 days, your body and mind will no longer benefit from your holiday. Thus, a balance needs to be achieved, which is, 8 days!

What’s More?

The benefits of an 8-day vacation are many! Your sleep schedule settles into a healthy pattern, stress, and depression fair better and these changes will stick with you long after you reach back home!


So when are you booking those 8 days to replenish your mind, body and soul?!