A Popular Italian-American Eatery, Carbone Has Opened Its Door For People In Riyadh! Book Your Table

by Deeplata Garde
A Popular Italian-American Eatery, Carbone Has Opened Its Door For People In Riyadh! Book Your Table

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, eagerly anticipates a culinary transformation with the imminent launch of Carbone, the renowned Italian-American eatery. After six months of careful preparation, the doors of this celebrated restaurant are poised to open on Wednesday, November 11, now accepting reservations.

Carbone Riyadh: Redefining Riyadh’s Culinary Scene


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An International Sensation Finds a Home

Carbone, famed for its American-Italian cuisine served in a sophisticated, inviting environment, has gained global recognition. Also, it is frequently visited by celebrities and social media influencers alike. This established brand from New York City is now set to weave its magic into Riyadh, taking residence in the Mansard Hotel at Ar Rabi.

Blending Cultures, Elevating Cuisine

Carbone Riyadh promises an amalgamation of European architectural elegance and Arabian hospitality. Moreover, positioned alongside Sadelle’s and the prestigious French restaurant L’Ami Dave at the Mansard Riyadh, A Radisson Collection Hotel, Carbone pledges to infuse its signature New York essence into a menu tailored to suit its Riyadh setting.

Carbone’s Milestone in the Middle East


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Carbone Riyadh marks its first venture in the Middle East. Also, it joins a network of branches worldwide, stretching from Las Vegas to Hong Kong. Overall, this expansion reflects Carbone’s success in presenting elevated cuisine in a relaxed setting.

Signature Delights And Opening Hours


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Among Carbone’s cherished dishes are the lobster ravioli, lamb chops, and meatballs. Operating daily from 7 pm until midnight, the restaurant ensures ample time for diners to relish these delectable offerings, with reservations easily made via sevenrooms.com.

Early Tasting and Global Expansion

Ahead of its official launch, Carbone delighted Saudi diners with a temporary pop-up at the Al Murabba zone during Riyadh Season 2022. This initiative, open from Thursday, November 3 until Sunday, December 18, provided a tantalizing preview of what’s to come at the permanent location.

Anticipation and Culinary Excellence


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With a blend of American-Italian culinary artistry and a stylish setting, the opening of Carbone Riyadh is poised to captivate food enthusiasts in Riyadh and beyond. Moreover, it promises an experience that’s not to be missed.

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New Dining Spots Unveiled In Riyadh in October 2023


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1. AB Steak
A distinctive steakhouse amalgamating American and Korean influences. It’s an integral part of Chef Akira Back’s culinary venture and is situated in the Diplomatic Quarter.

2. Akira Back
Offering a glimpse into contemporary Japanese cuisine, this eatery also finds its home in the Diplomatic Quarter.

3. Amazonico
This jungle-themed restaurant, already established in Madrid, London, and Dubai is scheduled to launch within the year.

4. B+F
Introducing a fresh dining concept from the Burger Boutique brand, originating in Kuwait, promising an exploration through open-flame cooking.

5. Benoit:
An esteemed 111-year-old bistro from Paris is inaugurating its doors in the Saudi capital, greeting all with a warm ‘Bienvenue’. This renowned restaurant is debuting in the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD), marking its maiden venture in the Middle East.

Ready to Savour the Experience?

Feeling the cravings kick in? Ensure you secure your reservation at Carbone Riyadh. Overall, it’s an experience set to be unforgettable and truly exceptional.

Where: Mansard Riyadh
When: 7 pm until midnight
Cost: On demand

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Carbone Riyadh

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