A Skydiver Dies Mid-Air In Turkey; Police Arrest The British Paraglider

by Shreya Ghosh
A Skydiver Dies Mid-Air In Turkey; Police Arrest The British Paraglider

Adventurous sports such as paragliding and skydiving are on so many adventure enthusiasts’ bucket lists. Though these activities are very much prone to risk and accidents, adventure buffs still experience these to enjoy the adrenaline rush and thrill. Unfortunately, the fear became a reality just sometime back when a skydiver lost his life mid-air. A disastrous incident led to a massive collision between a British Paraglider and Turkish skydivers and the accident resulted in an unfortunate death.

Skydivers Met A Horrible Accident Mid-Air

British Paraglider
Picture credit- Canva

Orkut Baysal, 30, and Andac Unsal, 45, were skydiving when they met with an accident in mid-air. Thomas Aitken, 45, was arrested by the police in Turkey as this British paraglider’s parachute intertwined with the one used by Andac and Orkut. Both Andac and Orkut were a part of the national paragliding team of Turkey. They jumped from 1,700 metres in the air.

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The condition up in the air was quite windy and the parachutes entangled with each other while descending down the ground, leading to a fatal collision. They were about 20 metres off the ground. According to a report by The Telegraph, Thomas was doing a solo jump from 1,200 metres and the two Turkish skydivers were flying in tandem. This incident led to a major crash and all of them plunged on the roof of a hotel.

Picture credit- Canva

As a result, they fell down on the edge of a hotel roof. All the 3 men were taken to the local Fethiye State Hospital immediately. Andac Unsal and Thomas Aitken injured themselves but are alive without any life-threatening fear. Unfortunately, Orkut Baysal suffered many injuries and died after the fatal collision. It is reported that the accident occurred in the Fethiye district of Mugla.

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The British Paraglider Has Been Arrested

Following the horrific incident in the air, the police authorities have already started investigating the case. They are conducting a thorough investigation to find out the cause of the collision and if this accident happened due to any sort of negligence. Meanwhile, the police also arrested Aitken. He will be held in police custody until there are any reports from the ongoing inquiry.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva