Abode Of Clouds, Meghalaya Has Major Festivals In 2023; Aims To Become Traveller’s Paradise

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Abode Of Clouds, Meghalaya Has Major Festivals In 2023; Aims To Become Traveller’s Paradise

Meghalaya is a Sanskrit word for “abode of clouds” and is very appropriately named. This northeastern state in India is known for heavy rainfall, dramatic terrains, and mesmerizingly rich biodiversity. One more thing that makes Meghalaya a must-visit state at least once in your lifetime is its colourful festivals. As we walk into 2023, the state is ready with its bouquet of festivals with the aim of becoming every traveller’s paradise.

Major Festivals In 2023 In Meghalaya

Festivals in this state are a reflection and celebration of the rich culture and heritage that the state is blessed with. In 2023, Meghalaya will be serving a plethora of festivals for travellers to experience and enjoy. These are the four major festivals in the state:

1. Shad Suk Mynsiem

This festival is celebrated to mark the beginning of seeding plantations. It is celebrated in April.

2. Behdienkhlam Festival

This festival is one of the most important dance festivals of the Jaintia tribes. It is celebrated after the sowing period in the month of July.

3. Wangala Dance

The Wangala Dance is celebrated by the Garo tribe in the Garo Hills. This festival is celebrated in November.

4. Nongkrem Dance Festival

This dance festival is held to appease all-powerful goddesses and ensure a bountiful harvest. November is the month when this festival is celebrated.

Meghalaya festivals 2023
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Festival Tourism Boosts Economy 

The Cherry Blossom Festival and the Me.Gong Festival are two famous and important festivals in Meghalaya which will be celebrated in 2023. The Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the most vibrant festivals in Meghalaya. This festival is celebrated in Shillong in the month of November to celebrate the blossoming of pink cherry flowers. The first week of December is dedicated to the celebration of the Me.Gong Festival. The festival uses games, shows, and performances to showcase the amazing culture of the state.

Every avid traveller must visit Meghalaya and immerse themselves in the vivid cultural heritage that the state has to offer. Under the leadership of CM Shri Conrad Sangma, the government of Meghalaya envisions making this state rank as one of the top 10 states in India. This is because festival tourism plays a very important role in boosting the state’s economy.

Meghalaya festivals 2023
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