Abu Dhabi Just Got Its First Cat Cafe & It Is Purr- Fect

by Deeplata Garde

Meow Cafe is the first cat cafe in Abu Dhabi, which makes it the purrfect coffee shop for animal lovers. Thirteen furry occupants live in the well-lit area in Al Muneera. Fortunately, it isn’t just next door to Boomah, the capital’s famed owl cafe. Consider the commotion. It’s open every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Japan’s Cat Cafes Served As Inspiration

Relish baked goods like crepe cakes and zaatar croissants under the cherry blossom tree. You can indulge in hot or cold beverages as well. Meanwhile, animal lovers may play with the cats in a different room. Furry residents names are also inspired by Japan like Yuki and Kora. From Siamese and Persian cats to British shorthairs, there are a variety of varieties to choose from.

The food and beverage portions are fairly priced, so you don’t get a large bill. The majority of coffees cost Dhs20; tea costs Dhs15; mocktails cost Dhs25; pastries cost Dhs10 and cakes cost Dhs30 ish.

Don’t bring your cat-friend for a play date, not allowed. We recommend following the rule or watching a cat-astrophe at the cafe.


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Its Budget-Friendly Retreat For Cat Lovers

The cat section costs Dh45 for adults and Dh35 for children under the age of ten for an hour.
Customers may engage with the fluffy inhabitants who are free to wander.

The room has a variety of animal accessories. Mostly filled with cat trees and scratching posts. It also has a glass wall that allows the animals to observe people. There’s also a separate section where the cats may go if they don’t want to interact with the customers.

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Rules At The Cat Cafe

To keep the kittens safe, there are a few guidelines in place.

  1. Don’t get in their faces
  2. Don’t eat and drink in authorised locations
  3. Don’t wake the cats from sleep
  4. Don’t use your camera’s flash


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