Abu Dhabi To Remove 14-Day Quarantine, PCR & DPI Tests For Vaccinated Individuals

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by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
by Vaishnavi Venkataraman 749

Select residents entering Abu Dhabi can now be free of quarantine formalities. UAE residents vaccinated against the coronavirus will no longer have to wear wristbands or quarantine for 14 days. The new rule applies to all residents returning  to Abu Dhabi from abroad.

No Quarantine, PCR & DPI Tests For Residents Who Have Vaccinated

The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee announced that those participating in the Phase III clinical trials of the Covid vaccine are now exempt from quarantine rules. In addition, the new rule allow vaccinated individuals to enter Abu Dhabi without PCR and DPI tests. A number of senior official in the UAE, including Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Ruler of Dubai, have also been vaccinated.

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Vaccinated Residents Traveling Abroad Must Take PCR Test

Vaccinated residents entering Abu Dhabi don’t require PCR and DPI tests. However, all vaccinated residents who are travelling abroad will still be required to take a PCR test before their flights. Besides, participants in the Phase 3 trials must also take a PCR test on arrival in the emirate. On the other hand, participants in the National Vaccination Programme must take a nasal swab test on arrival, as well as on the fourth and eighth day after they have landed. All residents who have received a vaccination must continue to take a PCR test every two weeks, under the guidelines.

When Do The Changes Come Into Force?

The new regulation will be effective after the first dose of the vaccine for those in phase III of the clinical trials. The rule will apply 28 days after the second dose, for those taking part in the National Vaccination Programme.

Earlier, Sheikh Mohammed Ruler of Dubai received the Covid-19 vaccine on 3 November. “While receiving the Covid-19 vaccine today. We wish everyone safety and great health, and we are proud of our teams who have worked relentlessly to make the vaccine available in the UAE. The future will always be better in the UAE,” he tweeted.

UAE’s Phase-3 trial involved 31,000 volunteers in the Emirates, Bahrain and Jordan. The jab was administered to frontline medical workers, senior officials and some members of the Cabinet, after it received approval from the UAE Government for limited use in September.

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