Abu Dhabi Will Soon Be Home To UAE’s Biggest Indoor Park

by Deeplata Garde
Abu Dhabi Will Soon Be Home To UAE’s Biggest Indoor Park

Al Qana has been giving us major attractions which if we miss will make us undergo serious FOMO. First, the biggest cinema followed by the aquarium then the gaming station. How are we supposed to keep up with the speed? And now this attraction seems like it’s going to be insane. Let’s get to the point and introduce the upcoming attraction.  Adrenark is going to be a huge indoor park set up with so much to offer. Let’s have a sneak peek!

Adrenark Park Is Calling Out All The Adventure Junkies Of The UAE

The interactive indoor amusement park will have a wide choice of fun and energy-consuming amenities. Given the features that will appeal to people of all ages. The largest adventure park in the area, which spans 54,000 square feet and is located adjacent to Pixoul Gaming. It plans to include thrill rides, climbing walls, rope courses, and stunt bag jumps. Another first for the UAE will be a multi-level E-karting circuit that will ascend three storeys of the structure.

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Wait The List Ain’t Over Yet!

Pic Creds: Al Qana

Apart from the above-mentioned rides, Adrenark will comprise roller gliders and zipline technology. What do they do? Well, it enables visitors to accelerate and push brakes as they slide through the entire width of the building, LED slides, treasure caves, and thrilling bungee trampolines.

Bring your family and friends along to indulge and compete. What can be more fun?

If you think it’s too edgy for the little ones then don’t fret! Let kids play on rides, soft play, and mini rope courses that are designed keeping age in consideration.

Can’t wait to be here? So do we! But we don’t know the opening date yet as the authorities have announced that it will open in Q1 of 2023. Let’s hope we hear the date announcement soon from the officials. Till then you can hop on to the multitude of entertainment attractions present at Al Qana, Abu Dhabi.

Cover Image Courtesy: Al Qana