Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Okays Dh85.4 B Residential Area With 76,000 Homes, Plots & More

by Deeplata Garde
Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Okays Dh85.4 B Residential Area With 76,000 Homes, Plots & More

Dubai recently approved many residential projects and Abu Dhabi couldn’t stay behind. The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi has given a green signal to a Dh85.4 billion Residential Neighbourhood. The upcoming neighbourhood is anticipated to accommodate 76,000 Homes, plots and more. Let’s check out more details about this project.

HH Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Approves The Residential Project

Abu Dhabi government has been working significantly to provide the highest standards of living to the residents and citizens. This residential project will act as a catalyst for the growth of Abu Dhabi. Under the directives of the president of Abu Dhabi, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi has approved the project and sanctioned Dh85.4 billion. The 76,000 homes and plots with the optimum facilities would be spread across 5 years.

The residential neighbourhood is set to hold more than just homes! The project includes comprehensive services and amenities. The project will ensure the residents receive the ultimate standards of leisure facilities. The plan is also inclusive of the construction and development of mosques, schools, public parks and green spaces. This will in turn allow citizens to reside in a neighbourhood with the best facilities and further improve family stability and well-being. All of this is soon coming to Abu Dhabi so you better plan and consider another Emirate to reside apart from Dubai.

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Al Falah Housing Project Expansion Plans

The Crown Prince has launched an expansion of the Al-Falah housing project that will provide citizens with 899 new apartments at a cost of over AED 1.92 billion. The infrastructure, construction requirements, and architectural design elements of the project were all explained to the Royal Highness. It’s all a part of the Emiratis’ Neighbourhoods Initiative. He also overhauled the villa’s interior and exterior finishes to meet the needs of its citizens and improve their quality of life in line with the highest international standards for housing and residential.

The Al Falah housing project consists of 899 apartments. The entire residential facility is inclusive of 5 mosques and 5 public parks, including land allotted for commercial and community facilities. Each villa has 5 bedrooms, 2 majlis (1 male, 1 female), dining, living room and more.

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