Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque Feeds 30,000 During Ramadan

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque Feeds 30,000 During Ramadan

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Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque is hosting a mega Iftar this Ramadan. Over 400 chefs and 500 staff team up to feed about 30,000 people every day. 

What’s It?

There’s Iftar, and then there is the Iftar at Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque! This year, Ramadan began on May 6th and will last until 6 June. 

Every year, during the Holy month, Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque feeds over 30,000 people. The everyday affair has been a practice followed for the last 15 years now and it only gets better each year. To cater to those who fast through the day during Ramadan, the mosque hosts a grand Iftar.

Credits: Arabianbusiness.com

It takes over six months of preparation to execute the massive feeding event. Around 400 chefs and 500 staff come together to feed over 30,000 people every night during Ramadan. The meal consists of dates, Laban, and is packed with a healthy mix of all the essential nutrients the body will need after fasting.

The mosque uses 10 tonnes of rice, 7 tonnes of chicken and 10 tonnes of vegetables to cook the meal. The meal is cooked in large industrial boilers, after which it is transported to the mosque in temperature-controlled trucks. In the evening, after sunset, the Iftar is flagged off by a cannon firing. 

What Else?

The Iftar is also an opportunity for many to meet and reunite with their fellow neighbours. This year, the mosque is also hosting a special initiative called ‘The Meeting Point of Cultures‘, a guided tour which gives visitors an in-depth understanding of the country’s culture. Visitors can avail the tour on 22 and 27 May, from 4:30 pm onwards.