According To New Rule, Indian Travellers In Other Countries Can Now Seek US Visa Appointments. Here’s How!

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by Shreya Ghosh 177

Travelling to the United States is a dream for many and lakhs have already achieved that beautiful dream. Planning for months and then finally travelling to the US is a beautiful experience but the visa process is exactly the opposite of that for so many people. It takes months and months and sometimes even a whole year to get a US visa. But the strenuous process will now be easier and faster. What is the procedure for that? Read on to know it all!

Travellers To The USA Can Breathe A Sigh Of Relief With These New Visa Appointment Rules

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The US Embassy in India made the announcement of a new initiative for visa applicants that will help them to experience a smoother process and surely cut off the usual time required for all the steps.

With the introduction of new appointment rules, Indian travellers can now apply for appointments in consulates and embassies of foreign countries too. And this initiative will work for B1/B2 appointments. Also, keep in mind that this initiative will work for business and tourist visas only.

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Thailand is one of the most loved foreign countries for Indians and a huge number of tourists from India travel to this tropical nation every year. Keeping that in mind, the US embassy India tweeted that Indians can now apply for US business or tourist visas in Thailand.

What Are The Other New Appointment Rules?

There are more new initiatives and rules for Indian travellers planning to get a US visa and fly there. These will also help in shortening the waiting period. Let’s take a quick look at the initiatives!

  • Consular staff is increased with the introduction of new initiatives.
  • The US embassy has also set new and special interview arrangements for all the applicants who are applying for the first time.
  • Those Indian travellers who want to renew their US visa can simply submit the application using dropbox. They will not be asked to visit any place for biometrics as the US government have that already.

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All these steps are aimed to reduce the backlog and lengthy waiting period and get done with the process soon.

If Indians want to get visas faster, here are the places in global countries where the US visa times are within a month:

  • 1 day in Kuwait
  • 2 days in Hong Kong
  • 4 days in Singapore
  • 7 days in Phnom Penh
  • 14 days in Bangkok and Chiang Mai
  • 23 days in Kuala Lumpur
  • 30 days in Doha

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