Actor Satish Shah Had An Indravadhan Like Sassy Reply For Heathrow Staff’s Racist Comment

by Shreya Ghosh
Actor Satish Shah Had An Indravadhan Like Sassy Reply For Heathrow Staff’s Racist Comment

We are living in the 21st century with advancement and development in every aspect of our life. Be it technology or the way we lead our lives, everything around us is changing swiftly. Unfortunately, one thing that still has been continuing to stay with us for years, decades, and centuries is racism. Just recently, actor Satish Shah shared an incident where he overheard Heathrow airport staff being racist and criticising Indians.

Satish Shah Had The Best Sassy Reply To The Racist Comment Of Heathrow Staff

The Bollywood actor was at Heathrow airport in London recently where he overheard a staff member uttering racist comments about Indians flying in first class. He shared the entire incident in his tweet. Check out this tweet here!

He heard a staffer at Heathrow airport asking his friend some Indians can afford to fly in first class. Well, the Bollywood actor had the sassiest reply for this, and he responded with a proud smile saying “because we are Indians”. It truly shows the integrity of the actor and how he used his wit to shut the opponent’s mouth.

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Heathrow Airport Also Responded To His Tweet

The airport replied back to the actor apologising about the encounter with their staff. Check out the tweet here linked below.

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Those who watched the iconic Indian sitcom of the early 2000s Sarabhai vs Sarabhai know about Satish Shah’s witty comebacks. This show is a nostalgic treasure for every 90s kid and everyone enjoyed watching the fun camaraderie between Indravadhan played by Satish Shah and Maya Sarabhai played by Ratna Pathak Shah. The fun responses and humorous comebacks were the highlights of the sitcom and Indu surely had some of the best and most entertaining dialogues Actor Satish Shah is not only a witty person on screen but also offscreen as well. He used his intelligence to respond to those people who tried to disgrace our country.

It is 2023 and it truly hurts to see how some people discriminate others based on their colour, gender, or race.

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