Aditya Roy Kapur Meets Kamiya Jani At Bandstand For Sunday Brunch And Gets Mobbed

Aditya Roy Kapur
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 434

What would you do if you spot your favourite celebrity? Obviously, you would try to run up to the person and grab an autograph. And when a celebrity has hundreds and thousands of fans and they’re at a popular place, a huge gathering is inevitable. Everybody would want a piece of that person. Well, our Chief Travelling Officer definitely got lucky as she went on a date with the heartthrob of Bollywood Aditya Roy Kapur during the recent Sunday Brunch interview of Curly Tales. But Kamiya wanted to spend some quality time with him by the tranquil beaches at Bandstand. Aditya’s fans clearly didn’t let her do so. He came down to Bandstand to meet Kamiya but was mobbed by an overwhelming number of fans!


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Here’s What Aditya Roy Kapur Said On Dating A Celebrity

Kamiya had planned to have a half-an-hour conversation with Aditya at Bandstand but the crowd did not allow her to do so. So, they shifted to a private dining place for a tete-e-tete on topics like career, success, food choices, travel choices and more. Aditya was asked if a celebrity is always surrounded by crowd and whether dating them in public places is difficult. Adiya wittily replied, “Not always.. There are ways.. That’s why masks are really helpful.”


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My Friends Denied Hanging Out With Me After Ashiqui 2, Says Aditya

Speaking about life after Ashiqui 2, Aditya said, “I felt like something has switched. That was a film that broke through. After that there were a couple of instances when we were out and it wasn’t the same anymore. I couldn’t go to places and chill like I always could. That was a very new thing and it took me a while to realise. My friends said bro aab tere saath nehi ghum sakte… as by the end of the day they would become my bouncers. But I still get out and go where I need to.” On being asked if he enjoys the attention, he said, “Definietly I like it.  I value it a lot. What makes us as actors is the audience and their love. To receive love from anyone is amazing.”


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