ADRIFT Burgers By Michelin Star Chef, David Myers To Open Here In Abu Dhabi This May

by Anupriya Mishra
ADRIFT Burgers By Michelin Star Chef, David Myers To Open Here In Abu Dhabi This May

How would you define a picture-perfect burger? Would it include a description of a juicy patty with perfectly toasted golden buns that sandwiches fresh greens and cheese? If the answer is yes and this is how you too picture a burger, then you will definitely want to read the next bit. Folks, we just heard that Gypsy chef, David Myer’s first permanent burger bar is now making its way to Abu Dhabi! Here’s all you need to know about this upcoming eatery.

ADRIFT Burger Bar Opening In Abu Dhabi

ADRIFT Burger Bar, which is owned by the award-winning chef, David Myers, is going to be exactly what the name suggests – about burgers. In case the name of this chef sounds familiar, you might remember his successful pop-up from Expo 2020. During the event, a whopping 1,15,000 burgers were served to foodies that thronged the mega-event. And now, the chef has decided to finally open his first-ever permanent burger restaurant, and he is doing so in Abu Dhabi. Yes, this Michelin-starred chef is opening his restaurant at Yas Mall on Tuesday, May 2.

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What About Their Menu?

As it happens, patrons will get to order signature burgers, shakes, and crispy sides for a complete meal experience at the restaurant. Moreover, there’s also a plan to bring in the 1940s Classic AKA the cheeseburger, ADRIFT Burger (read gruyere, parmesan, and arugula burger), and Earth Burger (a vegan burger). Don’t they have absolutely quirky names? Well, these juicy patties paired with quirky sides like Truffle Grilled Cheese and Curry Leaf Fries, are sure to make for the perfect meal combination. One that comes straight from a foodie’s definition of heaven! Talking about the milkshake menu, you can expect to find tempting options, such as Matcha & White Chocolate and Chocolate & Miso Caramel, on the menu here. Together, these are bound to make it a hearty meal for the food lover in you!

So, if this menu already sounds tempting to you, don’t forget to drop by their establishment once the good folks open their doors!

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