The 5 Hottest and Affordable Bachelorette Party Places

by Natasha Monteiro
The 5 Hottest and Affordable Bachelorette Party Places

There is no better way to bid goodbye to singlehood than by getting wasted in a fancy destination where no one knows you or your BFFs! The time has come to party in style and we’re going to let you in on some of the best bachelorette party places that are both affordable and ensure a lifetime of memories.

We are so excited that we just consolidated a list of the top five places in Asia that’s both affordable and fun! Think insane parties, great food, plenty of alcohol, beach views and shopping meccas. Let’s dive right in:

1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Average price for 3 nights (all inclusive): INR 20,000

Kuala Lumpur doesn’t get the attention its neighbour Singapore gets, but we assure you that the former is definitely the cooler cousin. The streets of KL are filled with energy and vivaciousness that few other cities in the world can match. Head straight to Bukit Bintang from the airport! This party capital is filled with people of a hundred different nationalities. For those interested in sight-seeing, the Patronas towers and Batu Caves are just a bus ride away.

Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Did you know that there are buses dedicated to the tourists in Malaysia where you don’t have to pay anything? With loads of shopping options, what you really need to look out for is the street food. From oysters to banana sweets to chicken legs – they’ve got everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

2. Bali, Indonesia

Average price for 3 nights (all inclusive): INR 20,000

This one is for the beach lovers. For the bride who loves the blues – quite literally, fly straight to Bali. Your girls and you can go snorkeling, scuba diving, exploring ancient temples or just for a stroll around the market. Filled with lush greenery, talcum powdered beaches and aquamarine beaches – this is a nature lover’s dream come true. Our favourite go-to spot is the Sekumpul waterfalls in Singaraja. It’s beautiful, it’s powerful and absolutely majestic – just like you and your girls. Leave Ubud for your honeymoon. ;)

Bali, Indonesia

3. Bangkok, Thailand

Average price for 3 nights (all inclusive): INR 19,000

Why should boys have all the fun? The mecca of bachelor parties, we say it’s time to show the boys how it’s really done. Bangkok is our favourite place to go to for everything from rave parties to experimental food and lots of shopping. We have to warn you though – you’ll probably not be leaving with a lot of ‘sane’ memories, so remember to click plenty of pictures. Make sure you bring your A game, because this city is full of vibrancy and a night-life parallel to only few other cities in the world.

Nightlife at Bangkok

4. Hanoi, Vietnam

Average price for 3 nights (all inclusive): INR 19,000

The city of Hanoi is not what comes to mind when we say bachelorette but believe us when we say that – this is a place worth exploring. The capital of Vietnam was cut off from the rest of the world for a very long time. While this still makes it largely traditional, it is filled with beautiful old world culture and prices that well, belong to the old world. Great beers like Saigon and Tiger are really cheap with the average coming to barely INR 80 per beer.

Hanoi, Vietnam

A large meal won’t cost you more than INR 300 per head. There’s also plenty to do and see. Head over to Ha Long Bay and witness emerald waters and limestone dotted islands filled with lush rainforests. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, trek along the picturesque routes of Sa Pa. So girls, ready to make some history in Hanoi?

5. Manila, Philippines

Average price for 3 nights (all inclusive): INR 19,000

Girls, welcome to Manila – a huge city filled with beautiful chaos. There’s so much to do within the city that a week just isn’t enough. From sightseeing to parties to the local cuisine – Manila is a heaven for a bachelorette and among the cheaper cities in Asia. Your best bet is to try a mid-priced hotel to stay in since the amenities in the low budget ones are rather basic. Almost all the attractions in the city are either free or cheap. Local transportation is quite a bargain too. Head straight to Cubao Expo – it’s a heady combination of live music, booze, dancing and vinyl records. Maybe you can even try out your first Cuban cigar with the girls. The Collective is the hub for shopping and collecting gorgeous antiques. The foodies can head to Casa Armas. So what we’re saying is that there’s something to do for everyone in your group!

Manila, Philippines

All these places offer all the debauchery you are looking for without your bank balance nose diving. And remember what happens in Asia, stays in Asia. So, get ready for a wild night out of town, glitter, road trips and forgotten memories. Have fun, girls!