After Salary Hike, Tata To Offer ESOPs To Air India Staff

by Shreya Ghosh
After Salary Hike, Tata To Offer ESOPs To Air India Staff

There are continuous changes occurring right after Air India transferred to the Tata Group. There is a certainty that Tata might consider offering employee stock options (ESOPs) to the Air India staff. The aim behind this decision is to incentivise the Air India staff and encourage them to work well and improve their efficiency.

This Airline Will Be The Second Company To Offer ESPOs To Their Staff

This airline is not the first company in the group to get an ESOPs policy. Back in 2018 Tata motors offered employees stock options to their staff. They were the first in the company to do so and now Air India is going to be the second company to do so under the Tata Group.

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Other Allowances For The Air India Staff

According to reports, Air India may also introduce Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the Air India staff and employees. KPI will be used as a standard to estimate and evaluate their performances. Just before the news of introducing ESPOs, the company also decided that they will initiate restoring the flying allowances and salaries of their employees in a phased manner. The pilots were getting a ‘pay-cut’ ever since the Covid-19 pandemic. The airline is presently recovering with the release of travel restrictions and decreased number of positive cases.

Air India also announced a group medical insurance for their employees. It will commence on 15 May 2022. This medical insurance will cover the employees and also their family members living in India.

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