After Shutting Consulates In India And Removing 41 Diplomats, Canada Says, ‘Expect Delays’ In Visa

by Shreya Rathod
After Shutting Consulates In India And Removing 41 Diplomats, Canada Says, ‘Expect Delays’ In Visa

India and Canada had a cordial relation with each other. However, recently, there has been a diplomatic conflict between them. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced a halt in Indian visa applications in reaction to the ongoing diplomatic crisis between India and Canada. Here is an update about the Canada visa process.

Expect Delays In Visa, Says Canada

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In light of Ottawa’s decision to withdraw its 41 ambassadors from India amid the ongoing dispute between the two nations, Canada announced on Thursday that there will be a slowdown in Indian visa applications.

As a result of India’s unilateral decision to eliminate immunity for all but 21 Canadian diplomats and their dependents in Delhi by October 20, 2023, tensions grew after Canada withdrew 41 of its diplomats from that country. In Bengaluru, Chandigarh, and Mumbai, Canada has temporarily halted its visa and in-person consular services. The Canadian High Commission in Delhi will be the only one with access to the same.

According to Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mélanie Joly, they have supported their diplomats’ safe exit from India due to the effects of India’s actions on their safety. This indicates that their diplomats have already left and are returning home. The travel warning for Canada’s citizens was also revised earlier today, alerting them to the risk of “anti-Canada protests” as well as “intimidation or harassment” in India.

She further stated that 41 diplomats and their 42 family members had left India, citing an imminent risk to their safety from India’s decision to revoke diplomatic immunity. Also, she emphasised the significance of diplomatic immunity in preserving a secure environment for diplomats around the world and claimed that unilaterally revoking these rights was against both the Vienna Convention and international law on Diplomatic Relations.

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According to the advisory, in-person operations at the Canadian Consulates General in Mumbai, Chandigarh, and Bengaluru have been temporarily halted. It also mentioned that persons might contact the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi for more consular assistance and information.

IRCC To Downsize Staff In India

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IRCC said that it would downsize from 27 to just 5 staff in India. The five IRCC employees with Canadian bases who are still in India will concentrate on tasks that call for being present locally, like expedited processing, printing visas, risk assessment, and managing important partners.

Although they will still accept and process applications from Indian applicants, processing times are predicted to be impacted by the lower workforce numbers. Due to the reduction in Canadian diplomatic staff, Indian citizens may experience delays in overall processing, responses to questions, and the issue of visas and passports.

As per a statement by IRCC, Canada has a close relationship with Indian nationals and will continue to welcome them, whether they choose to come for a short trip, stay permanently, work, study, or be reunited with loved ones.

Canada provided reassurance that the remaining IRCC employees in India will perform crucial duties required for the nation. With 89 per cent of Indian applications passing through the international network, a significant portion of processing is already done outside of India.

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The five IRCC employees from Canada who are currently in India will concentrate on in-country duties like urgent processing, printing visas, risk assessment, and managing important partners.

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