After Tech Giants, McDonald’s Prepares For Mass Layoffs Amid Global Economic Slowdown

by Sanjana Shenoy
After Tech Giants, McDonald’s Prepares For Mass Layoffs Amid Global Economic Slowdown

The global economic slowdown and rising inflation have led to massive job cuts in US companies. What started layoffs by tech giants like Amazon, Google and Facebook has slowly permeated to American fast-food giants like McDonald’s. The burger giant has temporarily shut its offices in the US as it prepares to announce layoffs this week.

McDonald’s Gears Up For Mass Layoffs This Week

A recent report by the Wall Street Journal states that McDonald’s has temporarily shut its US offices this week. And asked its employees to work from home as the American fast-food giant prepares to inform them about its layoffs. McDonald’s is preparing for a broader company restructuring. But it remains unclear on the number of corporate employees, McDonald’s shall lay off as part of this restructuring amid a global economic slowdown.

McDonald's Layoff
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The burger giant sent an internal email to its US and some international employees. It asked them to work from home for a week so it can inform staffing decisions virtually. In a message viewed by the Journal, it states that McDonald’s shall communicate major decisions regarding roles and staffing levels in the organisation.

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Indian Employees In US On Temporary Visas Affected Most By Layoffs

Moreover, the Chicago-based company has asked all its employees to not just work from home, but also cancel all in-person meetings at its headquarters. These include meetings with outside parties and vendors. This doesn’t come out of the blue as McDonald’s in January itself said that they shall have an updated business strategy that would result in expansion in some areas and layoffs in others.

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Indian employees are the ones affected the most by these layoffs happening in major companies in the US. Hundreds of Indian employees living in the US on temporary visas have no jobs. And they have very little time to even search for a new one. Here’s what you must know. Those unemployed on H-1B visas can live legally in the US for just 2 months if they don’t find new employers to sponsor their visas.

Now, this is certainly a concerning matter as it’s yet to be seen how many employees will be laid off by McDonald’s.

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