After Temples, E-Hundi App Also Launched For Waqf-Owned Dargahs; To Make Donations Easier

E-Hundi app
by Tooba Shaikh

Dargahs and mosques in India are some of the most respected and visited religious shrines in the country. Many people pledge donations to these institutes. In January, the e-Hundi app was launched in order to streamline the process of donating to temples. It ensured that the money deposited by donors would not be utilised for illicit purposes. After its successful implementation in temples, dargahs and mosques under the Waqf Board will also be able to receive donations via the e-hundi application.

E-Hundi App For Waqf-Owned Dargahs Launched

E-Hundi app

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

This e-Hundi application is specifically developed for donating to dargahs. In a meeting of the Karnataka Minorities Development Board held on the 27th of June, Tuesday, Zameer Ahmed Khan, who is the Housing And Minority Welfare Minister, launched the app.

According to him, the application is being developed as a measure which ensures that the donations made by the general public aren’t misused. With the help of this app, the process will be streamlined. Donors will be able to use other Unified Payments Interface or UPI apps like GPay, PhonePe, etc., to make donations to their choice of Dargahh.

Not only will this benefit the dargahs by making it easier to pay, but it will also be more convenient since donors will be able to make payments from anywhere in the country.

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Experimentally Introduced In Karnataka Soon To Be Followed In All Others

E-Hundi app

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

As of now, this app is introduced on an experimental basis and is only implemented in the Hazrat Tawakkal Mastan Shah Dargah which is located in Bengaluru. During this experimental phase, all the kinks and issues will be solved, should they arise.

After this, the app will be implemented at all the dargahs and mosques that are currently under the Waqf Board. As of now, the Waqf Board oversees a total of 10,398 mosques and 3,131 dargahs. Soon, all of these will have the e-Hundi app and donors from around the country will be able to donate with more ease.

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Cover Image Credits: Hazrat Tawakkal Mastan Shah Dargah/Facebook