From Apps To Traffic, Netizens Share Pics To Show They Live In Bengaluru Without Telling It!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
From Apps To Traffic, Netizens Share Pics To Show They Live In Bengaluru Without Telling It!

Every city in India has something or other that makes it stand out from others. It can be food, industries, tourist attractions, and more. When someone asks us to describe our city, we don’t have to always use words, pictures are too much. A Twitter user asked people to tell him that they live in Bengaluru without actually telling him that they live in Bengaluru. Netizens participated with all their hearts!

Netizens Share Their “Bengaluru” Pictures

A Twitter account named @memeswalaladka shared a screenshot from his mobile. The screenshot featured various delivery and transport apps that are installed on the user’s mobile. There were app icons for Rapido, Uber, Zepto, Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, Blinkit, and Ola. 

He captioned the post and asked people to tell him that they were from Bengaluru without actually telling him. Soon, many Bengalureans shared pictures that fit perfectly with the trend. 

Some users shared pictures and gifs showing the heavy, congested traffic in Bengaluru, while others shared pictures of the pleasant weather that the city is known for. Other users shared pictures of the flooding in Bengaluru. 

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Bengalureans Understood The Assignment

The post shared by @memeswalaladka on Twitter has by far garnered over one million views and over 600 likes. He posted this picture to show that Bengalureans are so busy that they need such delivery apps every day and also transport apps for their daily commute because the local ones sometimes charge more. 

Many other users also posted screenshots from their respective mobile phones showing the other apps that can be easily found on every Bengalurean’s phone. Some of these apps include Namma Metro, Yulu, Vogo, and Bounce. 

There were several users from other cities who claimed that they too had these apps on their mobiles. They did not understand the point of differentiation that this Bengalurean tried to show. 

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