Ahead Of National Cinema Day, 98% Indians Believe Cinematic Magic Can Only Be Brought In Theatres

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Ahead Of National Cinema Day, 98% Indians Believe Cinematic Magic Can Only Be Brought In Theatres

The entire nation will be celebrating National Cinema Day on October 13, 2023. Many theatres have already put up offers offering movie tickets at discounted rates to celebrate this day. Some have also decided to screen old golden movies on the big screen. The latest research from BookMyShow, India’s top entertainment destination, showed that 98% of Indians believe that cinematic magic can only be brought into theatres.

98% Indians Believe Cinematic Magic Comes Alive Only In Theatres

Credits: Canva

The latest research from BookMyShow, dubbed “The CineFiles,” decodes India’s preferred form of entertainment, “Movies on the Big Screen,” and serves as a monument to the country’s people’s everlasting love affair with the silver screen. 

 98% of Indians think that cinematic magic can only be brought to life on a big screen and that a third of them attribute it to specific directors, themes, and VFX, among other things.

In fact, 90% of respondents said that watching the newest movie release in a theater is their preferred choice for an out-of-home experience, along with other leisure pursuits like shopping, live performances, adventure outings, and more, highlighting the fact that India’s culture still heavily values the big-screen theatre experience. 

Mumbai residents (43%) cite the storyline as the most important factor in their decision to see a movie at a theater. 38% of Delhi residents place reviews and ratings as the most important factor. For 32% Bengalureans, the director of the movie is the most important factor. 

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GenZ And Millenials

Credits: Canva

The cinematic experience is without a doubt the preferred form of entertainment for cinephiles across the length and breadth of the country, with the younger GenZ and Millennial cohorts thinking of the big screen experience for their movie-watching outing every week, with 63% having movies on their minds at least once every two weeks!

CineFiles, a consumer study by BookMyShow, revealed that the magic of the big screen continues to captivate hearts, shedding light on the extraordinary revival of the Indian film industry.  It gathers information about the thoughts of the entertainment-loving Indian audience through a survey distributed to BookMyShow’s large, active customer base in 650 Indian cities and towns.

This survey shines a light on the industry’s excellent recovery and resiliency over the past two years. A mix of 41% GenZ, 59% Millennial, and GenX respondents who are crazy about movies and their enchantment made up the survey respondents.

The Indian cinema business keeps providing entertainment for viewers with a variety of tastes and inclinations. Beyond healing and exhibiting a positive attitude, Indian audiences continue to keep a special place in their hearts for their love of theaters, the allure of the silver screen, and the new tub of popcorn.

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