Ahmedabad Businessman & Wife Take Monkhood Pledge; Donate Over ₹200 Crores Of Life Savings

The couple donated more than ₹200 crores which was their life's total earnings.

by Tooba Shaikh
Ahmedabad Businessman & Wife Take Monkhood Pledge; Donate Over ₹200 Crores Of Life Savings

You often hear of parents being a source of inspiration for their children. But in this case, the opposite is true. The children inspired the parents to take a significant step Bhavesh Bhandari is a businessman based in Ahmedabad. He and his wife, Jinal Bhandari, have decided to give up all their materialistic possessions and take up the austere lifestyle of Jain monkhood. Read on to know who they are and how they came to this decision.

Ahmedabad Businessman And Wife Take Monkhood Pledge

According to an article which was recently published by The Indian Express, the couple donated more than ₹200 crores which was their life’s total earnings. Interestingly, they were inspired by their children to take up this austere lifestyle.

A couple of years ago, his daughter and son, who were 19 and 16 years old respectively, took up monkhood under the guidance of Acharya Dev Vijay Yog Tilak Suriji Maharaj. As per the IE article, the family has been following the teachings of the spiritual leader for more than ten years.

When in 2022 the two Bhandari kids took up monkhood, Bhavesh and Jinal Bhandari, too, were inspired to take up monkhood. Hence, on April 22, the two will bid adieu to the materialistic lifestyle along with 33 others.

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Business Will Be Looked After By Elder Brother And Father

Out of the 35 people participating in the ceremony, around 10 are below the age of 18. The couple are a part of the family business and they said that it was quite difficult to convince their family of the decision.

They have a real estate and finance company which is run by Bhavesh, his elder brother and his father. After they decide to leave, however, Girish, Bhavesh’s elder brother, and their father will run the business.

Once the induction ceremony is done, the family will live in an entirely different Upashray. An Upashray is a religious resting place for a Jain priest.

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Would you ever consider taking up such an austere lifestyle? Let us know in the comments section below!

Cover Image Credits: Jinal Bhandari/Facebook and Canva Images (For Representational Purposes Only)

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