Ahmedabad’s Devi Dosa Palace Shuts Down After Customer Finds Dead Rat In Sambar

Another day and another incident of a customer finding unhygienic things in a food order.

by Shreya Ghosh
Ahmedabad’s Devi Dosa Palace Shuts Down After Customer Finds Dead Rat In Sambar

What is happening at restaurants and eateries? Have they stopped paying attention while cooking and plating dishes? June has not even ended and we have already read about multiple incidents of customers finding unnecessary dirty things inside their food orders and packaging. This time, the latest news unfolded after someone allegedly discovered a dead rat in sambar served at a restaurant in Ahmedabad.

Customer Saw A Dead Rat In A Bowl Of Sambar

Taking to Instagram, Ahmedabad Updates (@ahmedabad.updates) shared a video of the unfortunate incident at the restaurant.

The long list of people finding the dirtiest and most harmful things in their food continues. After getting a finger in an ice cream cone, a centipede in ice cream, a cockroach in juice, and a dead rat in a chocolate syrup bottle, another customer was stunned to find a dead rat in a bowl of sambar at a restaurant. The alarming news has shocked Netizens concerning them to decide if it is a better idea to avoid eating at roadside stalls, eateries, and restaurants. Consecutive similar news have sparked safety concerns.

The customer faced this horrible experience while dining at Devi Dosa Palace in Nikol, according to a report by Times Now News. The eatery did not bother taking any action despite the customer alerting them about discovering a rat in the sambar order. The guest later informed Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation about this episode after not getting any assistance or reaction from the restaurant staff.

The incident has now escalated further. The Health Department issued a notice to the owner of Devi Dosa Palace. The notice specified the eatery violating serious health and hygiene guidelines. Health Department officials found several disturbing visuals at this restaurant.

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Authorities Sealed The Place

Dead Rat In Sambar
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The kitchen area of Devi Dosa Palace was kept open. This led to animals simply entering the space and spreading germs and dirt everywhere. This is a horrifying way of compromising cleanliness and increasing the risk of serving poor-quality food to visitors. Finding all these threatening things there, the authorities called the food unsafe. Also, they sealed the restaurant.

This latest incident of finding a dead rat in a sambar bowl is a major example of how most restaurants easily compromise hygiene protocols.

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What are your views on the rise of similar incidents?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Ahmedabad Updates (@ahmedabad.updates)

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