AI-Powered App, Heali, Has Personalised Nutrition Guide; Makes Managing Health Simpler

by Shreya Rathod
AI-Powered App, Heali, Has Personalised Nutrition Guide; Makes Managing Health Simpler

With our demanding work life and our intake of junk food, we have not been able to manage a healthy lifestyle. In fact, stress has contributed to this and has led to issues like overeating, increased sugar intake and so on. We have been on the lookout for a perfect nutrition guide which would help in battling unhealthy food habits. Powered by AI technology, Heali is offering a personalised nutrition guide for people as everybody works and responds differently.

Heali App Offers Personalised Nutrition Guide


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In an attempt to alleviate the inflammation in his digestive tract caused by Crohn’s disease, Kyle Dardashti explored a variety of treatments. However, none of these solutions were successful until his physician suggested the Crohn’s disease-treating Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Later on, the experience inspired him to assist in founding Los Angeles-based Heali, a food-as-medicine startup with a focus on treating chronic illnesses.

For over 200 chronic disorders, such as diabetes, allergies, autoimmune diseases, and gastrointestinal problems, Heali’s AI-powered software provides individualised meal plans. The user’s objectives, tastes, weight, degree of activity, and dietary limitations are all taken into consideration in these regimens.

The AI models can determine whether a food is good, fair, or poor for a given health condition since they have been trained to associate certain dietary practices that are favourable to those disorders. Users can also obtain diet-compliant recipes and nutrition research that outline the advantages of particular foods.

Users of the app can also schedule their meals and monitor their progress. During supermarket shopping, the app’s scanner can be used on items. If the product doesn’t fit the user’s diet, the scanner will indicate that it doesn’t and provide alternatives.

The majority of Heali’s app sales are to healthcare professionals (like Boston Heart Diagnostics), who may then suggest the app to their patients who want nutritional help. It also collaborates with Blue Shield of California and plans to engage with employers in the future. Although B2B is Heali’s primary focus, anyone can download the app straight away.

The App Is Now Free For Consumers


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The software is now free for the direct-to-consumer option, but it will eventually cost $15 per month or $75 annually. Moreover, Heali is concentrating on expanding its clientele and commercialization with the funding. In the future, the business intends to provide choices for meal kit delivery and health coaching.

Heali has also already seen success and the CDC recognised the platform, a distinction granted to businesses that adhere to strict quality criteria, like employing a curriculum. In a clinical study, irritable bowel syndrome patients who took Heali experienced a two-fold improvement in their symptoms compared to those who did not. IBS symptoms include bloating, diarrhoea, and cramping in the abdomen.

The use of food as medicine has gained momentum recently, prompting numerous businesses to enter the market. Season Health is another business that provides meal suggestions, education, clinical nutrition treatment, and food delivery.

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In addition to providing medically customised meals, grocery assistance, and diet education, NourishedRx is a company that uses food as medicine.

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