Air France Suspends Pilots For Fistfighting In The Cockpit

by Shreya Ghosh
Air France Suspends Pilots For Fistfighting In The Cockpit

Something very strange happened between a pilot and the co-pilot on an Air France flight. The two pilots were flying the Airbus A320 to reach Paris from Geneva in June. And during this time, they were seen fistfighting in the cockpit. The crew and other members heard some disturbing noise so they rushed to the cockpit to see what actually happened. This fight led to news everywhere and the airline suspended the pilots for such behaviour.

Air France Pilots Fistfights In The Cockpit

As per a report by the Swiss La Tribune daily, the pilots started arguing right after the takeoff. The situation turned pretty intense in the cockpit of the Airbus A320. The pilots grasped their collars and in fact, one of them ended up hitting the other.  The crew members went inside to intervene in the fistfight. In fact, a member had to stay along with the pilots till the Air France flight landed. The good news is that no passengers or anyone present on the flight got injured.

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Air France

The news came to the limelight after the air investigation agency of France, BEA reported that the pilots of Air France lacked diligence with regard to respecting and following the safety protocols of a flight. This report of BEA highlighted another issue as well. Back in December 2020, an Air France flight had an incident of fuel leak while flying to Paris from Brazzaville. The pilots followed a different route but did not land nearby. Even, they did not cut power to the engine which is already a part of the procedures.

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The Flight Landed Safely!

Though this flight landed without further issues or safety concerns, the report by BEA specified that there was a risk for the flight engine to catch fire. Such similar cases took place thrice in the year gap between 2017 and 2022. Another case where BEA investigated took place in a flight of Air France taking off from the John F. Kennedy International Airport in April. This flight faced control problems before landing in Paris. And a few Air France flight pilots did not follow the proper set of safety guidelines. Instead, they are dealing with the situations personally.