Air India Delhi-Patna Flight With Around 122 Flyers Witnessed Turbulence; Landed Safely At Patna

air india delhi patna flight
by Shreya Rathod

An Air India flight from Delhi to Patna witnessed severe turbulence. This is the second incident of turbulence on the flight of the same route in less than a month. Here are the details of what happened with the flight.

Air India Delhi-Patna Flight Witnessed Turbulence

air india delhi patna flight

Credits: Wikimedia

On Saturday, a thunderstorm and heavy rain caused extreme turbulence on an Air India flight, flight Al-407, from Delhi to Patna. The pilot had to abort the landing in order to restore control of the aircraft because of the turbulence. The plane stabilised and touched down safely at Patna Airport. The abrupt weather change had an impact on the operation of about six aircraft.

The Air India flight carried 122 people in total in addition to the crew. Inside the aircraft, the turbulence brought on by the thick air upset the passengers. Many of them began yelling and screaming inside the plane.

Until the weather was suitable for landing, the pilot continued to fly the aircraft in a circular pattern. The plane then made a flawless landing at Patna airport. Manish Kumar, who flew from Paris to Patna with his wife and kids, reported that the jolts persisted up until 20 minutes before arrival.

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Another Flight Witnessed Turbulence

air india delhi patna flight

Credits: Wikimedia

On September 20, air turbulence on board Air India flight number Al-415 from New Delhi to Patna caused several passengers and crew members to sustain minor injuries. A severe wind gust caused the plane to become imbalanced, forcing the landing at Patna airport to be aborted. After 15 minutes of circling in the air, the pilot was able to safely land the aircraft.

The incident left the passengers in a state of pandemonium and panic as they felt the plane vibrate and shock. While some crew members collapsed, one passenger sustained a head injury. The impact caused the toilet door to also crack, but the luggage area was still locked, preventing any additional harm.

Another incident included the detention of a mentally ill passenger for reportedly misbehaving on an Indigo flight from Hyderabad to Patna. Additionally, the individual had the lavatory on the aeroplane locked.

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When the plane landed at the Patna airport at around three in the morning, the crew lodged a report against the accused, which led to his arrest.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia