Air India Express Introduces Two Boeing 737 MAX-8 Aircraft; Expands Fleet

by Tejashee Kashyap
Air India Express Introduces Two Boeing 737 MAX-8 Aircraft; Expands Fleet

Air India Express, the low-cost subsidiary of Air India, has been making significant strides in the aviation industry with its recent expansion of its fleet. The fleet expansion is a strategic move that promises to bring several advantages to both the airline and its passengers. Now, it has taken delivery of its first two Boeing 737 MAX-8 planes from the Boeing facility in Washington, USA.

Air India Express Introduces New Boeing

Now, Air India Express will be able to expand its domestic and international network thanks to the new fleet. The arrival of its first two new Boeing 737 MAX-8 planes is part of the 470-plane contract placed by Air India Group with Boeing and Airbus earlier this year, and they come ahead of the merger of another company, AIX Connect (formerly known as AirAsia India), with Air India Express. When the merger is completed, the combined business will operate as Air India’s low-cost subsidiary.

The Boeing 737-8 aircraft are fuel-efficient and technologically advanced, have been renowned for their great performance and comfort, and would surely enhance the travel experience for the clients.

According to an article by NDTV, the 737 MAX-8 aircraft represents an important step towards more sustainable operations. It achieves a 20% reduction in fuel use and pollutants, as well as a 50% reduction in noise pollution when compared to older models, thanks to sophisticated technology winglets and efficient engines.

Tata Group is in the process of integrating its aviation operations. This incorporates the merging of AIX Connect and Air India Express, as well as Vistara and Air India. Vistara is a joint venture between Tatas and Singapore Airlines.

In June, Air India entered purchase agreements with Airbus and Boeing to acquire these aircraft. Air India currently operates 116 planes, including 49 wide-body aircraft.

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Expanding Fleet

The aviation industry in India is fiercely competitive. One of the primary drivers behind Air India Express’s fleet expansion is the steadily increasing demand for budget-friendly air travel in India and beyond. Moreover, this aircraft has shown commitment to sustainability. Opting for fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft as part of its fleet expansion is paramount.

By meeting rising demand, achieving cost efficiency, improving the passenger experience, and embracing environmentally friendly practices, the airline is positioning itself for sustained growth and success.

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