Air India Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Kolkata; Whats’s Causing The Frequent Mishaps

by Shreya Ghosh
Air India Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Kolkata; Whats’s Causing The Frequent Mishaps

An emergency landing of a flight is quite unusual. And pilots do not really choose this as an option until it is a massive crisis. Very recently, a similar incident occurred when an Air India flight made an emergency landing at the Kolkata airport. This flight was flying from Sydney and headed towards Delhi. A passenger fell sick en route and this led to the conclusion of landing the flight in the City of Joy.

Air India Flight Conducts Emergency Landing In Kolkata

It was on 24 August, Wednesday when a 50-year-old flyer named Kuldeep Singh Roy started feeling out of breath and needed urgent medical treatment, as shared by the airport officials. In fact, his skin started getting blue because of the low oxygen level in his blood. The Air India flight had 159 passengers onboard and they landed at the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata. And the flight stayed at the airport for 2 hours from 4.50 pm to 6.50 pm before leaving for Delhi. In between these 2 hours, the airport doctor checked Mr. Kuldeep and then rushed him to the Charnock Hospital in Kolkata.

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A senior official of Charnock hospital shared that the patient was provided with medicines and high-flow oxygen to increase his blood pressure level. Also, he underwent some crucial tests such as ABG, ECHO, ECG, and HRCT Thorax. As per reports, a pulmonologist is checking on him and also did a diagnosis of pulmonary embolism with shock pulmonary edema.

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A Similar Situation Happened Recently Too!

Another incident occurred recently on the Air India Express airline in July. The flight was flying to Dubai from Calicut but it took a reroute to Muscat. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation informed that the flight diverted as they smelled something burning in the cabin during the journey. The authorities stated that the burning smell was coming from a vent in the forward galley and this led to the pilots taking the decision to divert the flight and land in Muscat. Officials also added that the DGCA is investigating the case.