Air India’s ‘Safety Mudras’ Video Puts A Cultural Spin On Pre-Flight Instructions

Embark on a journey of safety and cultural immersion with Air India's groundbreaking video.

by Mallika Khurana
Air India’s ‘Safety Mudras’ Video Puts A Cultural Spin On Pre-Flight Instructions

In a groundbreaking move marrying safety and cultural richness, Air India has unveiled its latest inflight safety video, “Safety Mudras,” a visual feast celebrating India’s classical and folk dance forms. This innovative video, a collaboration between Air India and the creative geniuses Prasoon Joshi, Shankar Mahadevan, and Bharatbala, aims to captivate passengers while delivering crucial safety instructions.

Air India Unveils ‘Safety Mudras’, A Dance Of Safety And Culture

The video ingeniously integrates ‘mudras’, or hand gestures, intrinsic to Indian classical dance, into safety demonstrations across eight diverse dance forms, including Bharatnatyam, Bihu, Kathak, Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Odissi, Ghoomar, and Giddha. Each dance form elegantly imparts specific safety instructions, ensuring passengers receive essential information in an engaging and culturally immersive manner.

Campbell Wilson, CEO & MD of Air India, expressed pride in presenting a masterpiece that not only prioritises safety but also showcases India’s rich cultural tapestry to global travellers. With music composed by the legendary Shankar Mahadevan, the video promises a harmonious blend of safety and culture, meticulously crafted over six months, capturing India’s essence through mesmerizing locations nationwide.

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Offering Safety Instructions Like Never Before


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Initially available on Air India’s A350 aircraft with cutting-edge inflight entertainment screens, the video will gradually roll out across the airline’s fleet. Prasoon Joshi hailed the collaboration, emphasising how Indian classical dance’s storytelling aspect inspired the concept. Shankar Mahadevan praised Air India’s trailblazing initiative, while Bharatbala celebrated the opportunity to showcase India’s diversity with a contemporary vision.

The video unfolds with a captivating narrative, beginning with a warm Air India welcome and unfolding into a cultural spectacle framed by the iconic Air India ‘Vista.’ From Bharatnatyam illustrating seat belt and baggage instructions to Giddha highlighting the importance of safety cards, each dance form seamlessly integrates safety guidelines into its performance, set against India’s breathtaking landscapes.

With credits including Prasoon Joshi for conceptualisation, Shankar Mahadevan for music, Bharatbala as director, and Brinda Master as a choreographer, “Safety Mudras” stands as a testament to Air India’s commitment to safety and celebration of India’s cultural heritage. 

This innovative endeavour not only ensures passenger safety but also invites them on an enchanting journey through India’s vibrant dance forms.

Cover Image Courtesy: @airindia/X (Formerly, Twitter) and Wikimedia Commons

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