AirAsia India Is Now AIX Connect! And There’s A FLAT 23 Per Cent Discount On Domestic Flights

by Shreya Ghosh
AirAsia India Is Now AIX Connect! And There’s A FLAT 23 Per Cent Discount On Domestic Flights

If you are planning to travel to any destination in India within the month of September 2023, we have an exciting surprise for you. If you feel like flight tickets are more expensive than your budget, you might be surprised to see the new AIX Connect prices. What is this new price and how can you get access to it? To know all about the recent updates of AIX connect, read till the end!

AIX Connect Introduced A 23 Per Cent Discount On All Domestic Flights


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AIX Connect, previously known as AirAsia India, made a grand announcement of its newest discount. The airline launched the #TimeToTravel offer with a huge discount of flat 23% for all the flights on the domestic network. So, if you are in the mood to travel anywhere in India till September of this year, you definitely need to check out this deal.

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All You Need To About AirAsia India’s #TimeToTravel Sale

  • Passengers can only avail of this epic offer by booking domestic flight tickets by 11 January 2023.
  • Ticket holders can use this offer to fly from 24 January to 30 September 2023.
  • You can check out the discount on the website, mobile application, and well-known booking platforms.
  • There is zero convenience fee
  • For NeuPass members, they can earn up to 8% NeuCoins by booking using Tata Neu, AIX connect website and mobile application.

AIX connect launched #TimeToTravel sale to influence and motivate more people to travel to beautiful destinations. From Kashmir in the North to Kerala in the South and from beaches to mountains to valleys, you can explore it all using this exciting discount by AIX connect.

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AirAsia India network has more than 50 direct and 100 connecting flights to 18 places. No matter if you are travelling for business purposes or for holidays and vacations, this airline provides great travel experiences to all passengers.

The weather is great right now to enjoy the holidays. India, being the home to such stunning locations, you can travel all around at any moment throughout the year. So where are you flying to and fulfilling your travel expectations this year? 

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