Airbnb Launches Special Features For Solo Travellers In Hindi To Boost Their Safety

by Vinita Jain
Airbnb Launches Special Features For Solo Travellers In Hindi To Boost Their Safety

Amid the solo travel trend, Airbnb is set to launch a new special feature for solo travellers in Hindi. The biggest concern about solo travelling is safety. Keeping that in mind, Airbnb is launching a safety feature. This feature will initially be available in English and Hindi. Airbnb plans to extend it in more languages ​​while evaluating the Hindi extension results.

The in-app solo travel experience aims to make travelling solo on Airbnb safer.

Airbnb safety
Picture Credits: Airbnb

Know More About This Safety Feature Of Airbnb

Airbnb’s special in-app experience is enabled for independent travellers when they book a private or shared room. This starts with providing travellers with expert tips for staying safe when travelling alone. Now, the same feature will be available in Hindi too. A key element of this special feature of Airbnb is the ability for individual travellers to easily share their booking itinerary with other people.

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Emergency Feature Will Be Available 24/7

This Airbnb special feature helps solo travellers answer pre-trip questions, and get a better sense of what is around them. Mainly, this new feature helps in promoting a safer travel experience.

Other in-app products, such as a 24-hour security line, are available to all travellers during active booking periods. If customers feel unsafe, they will have priority access to specially trained security guards, day or night. The local emergency services feature is available 24/7 to all users, with or without an appointment. With the push of a button, this feature quickly connects users to local emergency services. Every user will have the option to add emergency contacts to their profile.

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This is especially useful for independent tourists travelling to countries where they don’t remember the local police phone number.

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