Dubai Police Announces Safety Guidelines To Avoid Travel Related Scam

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by Deeplata Garde
by Deeplata Garde 464

Tourists from the Uae looking to travel are seeking intriguing and reasonably priced destinations. According to travel industry experts, the desire for inexpensive hotels and flights has increased. Cyber security experts experience a rise in fraudsters attempting to dupe enthusiastic tourists to buy air tickets as the travel & leisure industries experience growth. There are numerous phishing pages which are offering luring offers and travel discounts to attract passengers and scam them.

Detail Guide On How These Scammers Trap Visitors

Many phoney pages are trying to entice travellers with gift cards, lotteries, and plane ticket drawings. Users are given a chance to complete a brief survey and submit their data in exchange for a sizable discount on an airline ticket. Such websites ultimately turn out to be phishing sites; gathering the personal information and credit card information of victims, like many other deals, just seems too tempting. The prompt to share the website with friends in order to win the prize frequently follows the survey’s conclusion. In these situations, fraudsters use the victims as a weapon to spread the con further.

Utilizing phoney rental businesses is another common scheme for unsuspecting con tourists. Offering a luxurious two-bedroom apartment near the city’s centre for only €500 a month is one instance.

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How An Asian Man Duped People Into Booking Air Tickets?

Using a credit card that had been stolen, he set up a phoney online travel business. After apprehending a man who purchased numerous tickets for customers using a stolen credit card, Dubai Police issued a warning to the public about the risks of purchasing last-minute plane tickets for just a small portion of the going rate.
From 2009 and June of this year, the Dubai Police registered 36 instances of fraudulent use of airline tickets.

Relative to eight cases last year, there has only been one case involving an Asian accused so far this year. In 2020, despite the Covid-19 outbreak and associated decline in general tourism, Dubai Police only reported two cases.

How To Safely Plan Your Trip?

Amid these scams, you can still save yourself from suffering a huge loss when planning your itinerary. Avoid falling prey to low hotel rates, cheap flights, free stays or tickets from unknown websites.

Online con artists frequently target well-known locations and seasons of the year when demand is high. Thousands of visitors buy tickets and look for lodging during the summer vacation and the holiday period. Typically, con artists target those who are internet shopping for deals. Online booking is simple and convenient, which has led to an increase in scams.

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