6 Tips To Save You From Getting Conned During Your Travels

by Suchismita Pal
6 Tips To Save You From Getting Conned During Your Travels

Imagine you get inside the train and meet a really cute guy of your age and start feeling butterflies in the stomach. You chat for hours inside the train, have dinner, then you gradually fall asleep, with a weird excitement taking over the caution of your mind. You wake up and boom! The guy disappears, along with your bag. Exactly the same had happened with one of my friends. Being robbed of money or belongings while travelling kills the fun of the journey, bringing in unwanted hassles and anxieties. While we do not know how or when the wrongdoers can target us, here are a few things we can keep in mind to avoid being conned while travelling:

1.Do Not Trust Strangers, Especially The Ones Who Offer Help Without Being Asked

Crooks who aim at deceiving and looting are often exceptional at speaking and they know the tactics to make you stop and listen to them. Maybe they will tell you about something which will seem to save money on your journey or aid you to take shorter routes. These people often offer help without being asked. Remember, there are very few people on earth who can actually help without a purpose. So, do not ever trust strangers on your journey. 5 Things To Do If You Lose Your Indian Passport While Travelling Abroad.

Getting Conned During Travels
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2. Be Careful If Ketchup Or Bird Poop Drops On Your Cloth

It is one of the popular techniques of robbers to mislead travellers. They might purposely drop ketchup and bird poop on your cloth and then offer a tissue for help. While you’re busy cleaning the ketchup, you’ll be distracted and they will take your belongings away.

Getting Conned During Travels
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3. Find A Fight Between Two Stangers Interesting? Avoid That Instantly

Another way by which robbers can distract travellers is by getting two people to fight loudly and drawing attention to that. Beware of getting carried away by such fights. They can even take place on interesting topics like cricket, fashion and literature. Don’t get engrossed in the feud else your money and documents might be gone in no time.

Getting Conned During Travels
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4. Provide Directions Carefully

A stranger might come up to you to ask for directions. If you know the routes, help them out but carefully. Keep your eyes and ears open. Ensure that it’s not a trap to sidetrack you.

Getting Conned During Travels
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5. A Blind Person Or A Child Beggar Might Be A Trap

If a blind or deaf person comes up to you and asks for help, try to confirm the purpose as not all those who seem to be blind or deaf are honest. Many of them are completely fit and pretend to be physically disabled simply to loot you. Be careful in front of child beggars too.

Getting Conned During Travels
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6. Plan Everything In Advance From Trusted Sources

To avoid taking much help on your journey, try to book everything in advance, from the flights, trains, cars and hotels to the tickets of tourist spots. Also, research well before booking your hotels and book them only from trusted sights. As online scams, too, are a huge concern in today’s times.

Getting Conned During Travels
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These are a few basic things that we need to remember while on a trip. They might save us from many malpractices. With these guidelines and a wee bit of luck, we can have a safe, secure and hassle-free travel experience. Meanwhile, here’s a man without arms who lives life without limits: