Being Pick-Pocketed While Travelling Is A Real Deal: Here’s How To Avoid  

by Suchismita Pal
Being Pick-Pocketed While Travelling Is A Real Deal: Here’s How To Avoid  

Many of us have been through the trauma of losing phones, purses or valuable documents while commuting by train, bus or even flight. A little bit of carelessness from our side with our belongings can catch the eye of the pickpockets. And in most cases, its hard to get back what’s lost. Here are a few tips on how to avoid pickpocketing during travel.

1. Do Not Keep Costly Things Inside Your Pocket

Remember not to keep money, mobile phone, pen drive or other important things inside your pocket. Money and mobiles attract the pickpockets the most. So, ensure that you don’t flash them and keep them in a place not easily accessible.

Avoid Being Pick-Pocketed While Travelling
Picture Credits: The Poor Traveler

2. Refrain From Putting Anything Inside Your Back Pocket

Back pockets are the easiest targets of pickpockets. Also, while putting items like a wallet inside the back pockets of our trousers, formal skirts, etc. it is not practically possible to remain conscious every second. And that gives the greatest advantage to a thief. For instance, you might get engrossed in a deep conversation with your friend and your purse will be gone in no time. Also, while carrying your bags and purses, try to keep the zips in front of you.

Avoid Being Pick-Pocketed While Travelling
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3. Carry A Bag That’s Cut Proof

While travelling, put your important things inside a bag made out of some thick material. There have been incidents of crooks cutting the bag surfaces and taking away things. This especially happens when the bag is made of jute, cotton or similar materials.

Avoid Being Pick-Pocketed While Travelling
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4. Don’t Keep All The Money At One Place

Avoid keeping all the money you’re carrying at one place. Divide the amount instead and keep them in small portions at several chambers in one bag or in different bags. Therefore, even if the thief targets one place, you might become alert before he reaches the other places.

Avoid Being Pick-Pocketed While Travelling
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5. Avoid Distractions

If the thieves find out that you’re carrying something valuable, they might try to distract you with various techniques. One of them might be pouring ketchup or bird poop on your cloth. Another way can be getting two people to fight loudly and drawing your attraction to that. Someone might pretend to be deaf and ask you to sign a petition or act like a tourist asking for directions. The methods of diverting your attention can be many. So, stay cautious.

Avoid Being Pick-Pocketed While Travelling
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In case you’re not carrying any bag, do ensure to put your belongings in pockets that are tight and also, they must be in front of your clothes. It would be even better if the pockets have chains. When you’re carrying a big backpack, try to secure it with a lock. If you are someone who had been subjected to pickpocketing, now you know how to avoid another. Well, these were some ways by which you can prevent your money bags from getting stolen. But we definitely want to steal your hearts with the beauty of this Urban Pod hotel in Mumbai: