Travel Hacks: Here’s How You Can Prevent Yourself From In-Flight Thefts

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Travel Hacks: Here’s How You Can Prevent Yourself From In-Flight Thefts

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Travelling from flights quite often? Here’s how you can protect yourself from dealing with mid-flight robberies.

What Is It?

Travelling can be quite a hassle, especially for long hour flights. With everything else to worry about, you also need to keep a check on your carry-on bags as items may disappear from it. This theft is known as the in-flight theft or mid-flight robberies.

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What’s In It?

While even the expert travellers get fooled into the mid-flight robbery, here are some tips to know when you’re onboard and travelling with a carry-on bag.

Keep your valuables close and add a label to your carry-on bag to ensure the item solely belongs to you. Be watchful and do not depend on others or your co-passengers to watch out for your belongings. Make sure you’re storing your bag in a place where it’s visible from your seat and in your vision. This way, you can keep a check on your bag at all times.

Keep a lock on your bag and put your valuables inside the bag at the bottom of it where it’s hard to reach out for.

Lastly, be aware of your surroundings and be alert of who your co-passengers are.

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