Ajman Tourism Initiates Inspection And Control Campaign For Holiday Homes Aiming To Improve Standards

by Shreya Rathod
Ajman Tourism Initiates Inspection And Control Campaign For Holiday Homes Aiming To Improve Standards

Ajman is tranquil and laid-back and is renowned for its stunning beaches and natural surroundings. The Ajman Department of Tourism Development (ADTD) has started a comprehensive inspection and control programme; here are details.

Ajman Tourism Initiates Inspection And Control Campaign

ajman tourism holiday homes
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The programme targets the emirate’s holiday homes and owners of real estate and hotel management companies. By making sure that certain laws and regulations are followed, this endeavour hopes to raise the calibre and standards of Ajman tourism.

The Director of ADTD’s Licencing & Tourism Standard Department, Mr. Sultan Ali AlNuaimi, underlined the campaign’s vital role in fostering tourist and consumer confidence. Further, he emphasised that the campaign demonstrates the department’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality. They even encouraged property owners and hotel management firms to follow the law by taking proactive steps meant to guarantee a first-rate visitor experience.

He also emphasised the significance of the private sector in helping the department meet its objectives of generating fresh investment possibilities and providing tourists with a wide range of choices. The cooperation between the government and the business sector is essential to create sustainable and alluring tourism.

They Aim To Maintain Good Service Standards

ajman tourism holiday homes
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This campaign’s major goal is to maintain good service standards. It also seeks to enhance collaborations with the local community and commercial sector. Moreover, this will help ensure following of standards and support an integrated and sustainable tourist environment. It ensures proper registeration of real estate units in the approved electronic system, and encourages compliance with licencing and operational rules for holiday homes.

This campaign is a part of ADTD’s larger plan to support the travel industry and increase tourism. They will offer a secure and well-integrated travel environment. It is an effort to inform investors in the tourism industry about the requirements and processes for obtaining the licences and permits required to operate in this developing Ajman market.

Remarkable tourist numbers are what allow Ajman to maintain its position as a rapidly growing commercial centre.

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It is a great spot to unwind and soak in the sun because of the sandy shorelines!

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