Akasa Air Cancels Ahmedabad-Bengaluru Flight Last Minute; Passengers Enraged

by Dikshita
Akasa Air Cancels Ahmedabad-Bengaluru Flight Last Minute; Passengers Enraged

The newly launched Akasa Air has already become part of criticism on social media and faced backlash from passengers. The airline cancelled its Ahemdabad-Bengaluru flight at the last minute. Thus creating chaos on the ground. And in no time, the news reached social media. Akasa Air got a hard pass from passengers as the airlines first rescheduled the flight and eventually cancelled it.

The Akasa Air QP 1332 was scheduled to take off at 9:55 pm, which was then rescheduled to take off at 10:55 pm due to technical issues.

Chaos Created On The Ground Due To Cancellation

Akasa Air
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The flight, Air QP 1332 was due to take off on Tuesday from Ahemdabad and arrive in Bengaluru. However, the passengers were informed that the flight stands cancelled on technical grounds. The passengers were stranded and were not provided with any accommodation or food. Thus, many passengers said that they faced a hard time as the airline didn’t offer any compensation.

This resulted in confusion at the check-in counters as passengers requested alternative flights to their destination. Passengers reported that the crew informed them at 10:30 pm that the flight was cancelled due to technical issues. They also said that they can only fly on Wednesday at 9:55 pm. The passengers also reported that they were asked to take a refund or else wait at the airport until the next take-off as no accommodation was offered by the airlines.

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The Aftermath And Response By Akasa Air

Akasa Air
Picture credits: Instagram/ Akasa Air

A spokesperson of the airline said that the passengers were provided with the option to avail of a full refund and reimbursement of their accommodation. However, the passengers had to make accommodation arrangements on their own which could only be reimbursed later on.

The spokesperson also said that the airlines would also remunerate the amount for commuting to the hotels. The flight has now been scheduled to take off on Wednesday at 7:35 pm.

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The airline was launched in December 2021 by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

News Source: Economic Times, Zee News
Cover image courtesy: Instagram/ Akasa Air