Al Hamariya Beach Park, Sharjah Welcomes Visitors With Gifts & More For Eid Al Adha

by Deeplata Garde

The emirate is bustling with events & activities as the blessed occasion of Eid Al Adha draws near. For the holiday season, the emirate of Sharjah took care to create a cosy atmosphere. The Al Hamriyah Municipality began by extending a warm welcome to both residents and guests. The team showered the visitors with presents and other thoughtful gestures at Beach Park.

Al Hamriyah Municipality Extends A Warm Welcome To The Beach Park Visitors


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The commencement of Eid Al Adha was celebrated by distributing refreshments to all the families of the visitors. A significant number of families from various UAE emirates came to enjoy time on the warm Al Hamriyah Beach and beach park over Eid days. Al Hamriyah Municipality started its (Safe and Happy Summer) campaign, which aims to increase public knowledge of safety and security measures.

The Al Hamriyah Municipality was eager to inspire all resources to assist tourists and promote Al Hamriyah as a leisure region and an alluring tourist destination. The plans were created in compliance with the strictest global standards now in effect. Additionally eager to make all facilities accessible to those with disabilities was Al Hamriyah Municipality.
In order to ensure the security of tourists and guests, Al Hamriyah Municipality improved life safety practises and provided an integrated system for sea rescue. The crew also made sure that the beach has maritime observation platforms, specialised rescuers, and lifeguards in addition to the most up-to-date equipment for public safety, marine rescue, first aid, and lifesaving.

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The Team Exerted Efforts For This Safe And Happy Summer Campaign


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Employees of Al Hamriyah Municipality worked hard to carry out the municipality’s strategic goals by making visitors to the area comfortable and enjoyable throughout the days of Eid Al Adha and moving forward to welcome people until the third day and the end of the weekend.

Sharjah has something for everyone, from thrill-seekers looking for unique experiences to those who want to relax and take in the beauty of the natural world, including beaches, gardens, parks, and family-friendly activities. The emirate is completely immersed in the joyful atmosphere of Eid, making for a delightful and memorable experience for everyone.

So do visit this beach park if you are in Sharjah.

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