Al Maktoum Airport: All To Know About World’s Largest Airport Opening In Dubai South By 2050!

by Anupriya Mishra
Al Maktoum Airport: All To Know About World’s Largest Airport Opening In Dubai South By 2050!

It was not too long ago when Dubai International Airport was crowned the busiest airport in the world for the ninth year in a row. As a result, with the increasing passenger traffic and with them reaching pre-pandemic levels, it makes sense that there might be an expansion on the cards. Folks, we’re talking about Al Maktoum International Airport which may become the world’s latest airport upon completion. Here’s all you need to know about this airport project in Dubai!

Dubai To Be Home To The World’s Largest Airport?

It was not too long ago when we mentioned the plans of reviving the Al Maktoum Airport expansion plans, which have been on hold since 2019. And now, Dubai South recently took to Twitter to announce that it would be home to the world’s largest airport when it gets completed. It should be mentioned here that the airport, which is a development project worth AED120 billion, was launched in 2010. This was done for cargo operations and in 2013 for passengers. Now, the airport, which is also known as Dubai World Central, aims to become the world’s largest airport by 2050. With this, the capacity will rise to a whopping 255 million passengers annually.

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All About The Al Maktoum Airport Expansion

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According to a news report by the Arabian Business, it is expected that the initial phase will finish by 230, which will also increase the airport’s capacity to a massive 130 million passengers every year. Talking about the project, it covers an area of 56 square kilometres and there are talks already underway to restart this project. The report also mentioned that this project includes a $2.7 billion substructure contract, which is for Concourse 1 and the West Terminal building. This will encompass a host of facilities which will include everything from tunnels, baggage handling systems, and road networks to even support facilities.

As it happens, presently there’s an anticipation of 78 million passengers using the airport by 2024, which is basically returning to the pre-pandemic levels. Not to mention, this will also be a business-friendly zone, thereby providing a diverse range of residential options. At this point, it should also be mentioned that this airport will have plenty of retail, food and beverage, relaxation, and entertainment facilities.

We can only imagine how grand the new airport is going to be once it is complete!

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