Alaska & Arctic Circle Experience Sunny Nights! Here’s All About Midnight Sun And Where You Can See It

Discover how to reach these remote havens and immerse yourself in endless daylight adventures.

by Mallika Khurana
Alaska & Arctic Circle Experience Sunny Nights! Here’s All About Midnight Sun And Where You Can See It

The phenomenon of the midnight sun is a celestial spectacle that captivates travellers, drawing them to remote corners of the globe where the sun defies the conventional rhythms of day and night. Occurring during the summer months in regions north of the Arctic Circle, and south of the Antarctic Circle, this natural wonder allows the sun to remain visible above the horizon for 24 hours a day, creating a surreal and magical experience.

What Is The Midnight Sun?

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The midnight sun occurs due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis towards the sun during summer in the polar regions. As a result, places like Scandinavia, Iceland, Alaska, Canada, and parts of Russia experience this phenomenon, where the sun dips low on the horizon but never truly sets, bathing the landscape in a perpetual golden glow.

Places To Witness The Midnight Sun

Norway (Bodø): Bodø, a picturesque town north of the Arctic Circle, has become a hotspot for midnight sun seekers. Here, you can enjoy activities like camping, cycling, and glacier climbing amidst stunning natural landscapes.

Iceland: Known for its dramatic volcanic landscapes and geothermal wonders, Iceland offers numerous opportunities to experience the midnight sun. Reykjavik serves as a gateway to exploring the rugged beauty of this island nation during the endless daylight of summer.

Alaska: In the United States, Alaska’s vast wilderness provides a perfect backdrop for witnessing the midnight sun. From Denali National Park to the Arctic Circle itself, travellers can immerse themselves in Alaska’s untamed beauty under the never-setting sun.

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Flights To Take For These Adventures


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Finnair (Helsinki to Bodø): Finnair’s new route from Helsinki to Bodø operates five times a week during the peak summer season. According to Hindustan Times, this 2½-hour flight lands in Bodø by 6 p.m., allowing travellers to witness the magic of the midnight sun right upon arrival.

Icelandair (Reykjavik to Greenland and Arctic region): Icelandair connects travellers from Reykjavik to destinations north, offering views of Iceland’s own midnight sun from May through August. Flights to Greenland and the Arctic Circle provide access to even more remote regions.

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA (Oslo to Bodø): Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA offers daily flights from Oslo to Bodø during summer, with the last flight arriving just after 11 p.m. This allows passengers to experience the unique phenomenon of the midnight sun upon landing.

Whether you explore Norway’s rugged coastline, Iceland’s volcanic landscapes, or the wilderness of Alaska and Canada, each destination offers unique activities and cultural experiences amidst endless daylight. From glacier hikes in Norway to soaking in hot springs in Iceland, or observing wildlife in Alaska, the midnight sun certainly provides ample opportunities for unforgettable travel experiences. 

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