All The Weird Food Videos That We Saw This Year & Didn’t Make Sense To Us

Ready to say eww every time second you scroll down or do you secretly love these as well?

by Ankita Mazumdar
All The Weird Food Videos That We Saw This Year & Didn’t Make Sense To Us

The Internet is a weird place sometimes. You get to know about great things and get intrigued for the right reasons. On the other hand, random food videos might pop up in your feed which will either make you question your existence or the existence of the person making such videos. The Internet is full of weird food combinations and almost every day or week there comes a new viral weird food video that is doing the rounds of social media. Well, we have combined some of the weird food videos of the year 2023.

Weird Food Videos We Saw In The Year 2023

1. Caramel Popcorn With Egg

Caramel Popcorn With Egg
Image Courtesy: X/BornAKang

In a viral video, a woman prepares caramel popcorn from scratch. But the catch here is, this entire time there was a whole egg among the ingredients. At last, the egg was burnt.

2. Dairy Milk Omelette

Dairy Milk Omelette
Image Courtesy: Instagram/ imjustbesti

What in the anda ka fanda is this? The vendor went on to make a thick omelette with cheese, veggies, paneer, coriander and loads of butter. But then he went on to add dairy milk chocolate and drizzle chocolate sauce.

3. Mashed Potatoes Using Lays

In a now-viral video, a woman is seen adding a couple of bags of Lays to hot water, milk, butter, cheese and sauce. She continues stirring and making the chips soggy to turn it into mashed potatoes.

4. Baahubali Vada Pav Pizza

Let the incoming cringe faces of Maharashtrians come in. Even Vada Pav is getting pizza-fied with numerous sauces, cheese and jalapenos. The vendor from Mira Road even baked it.

5. Puchka Chop

Another weird food combination is here. Wasn’t it enough that the name of this dish is already up for debate in every city of India? The popular video shows the vendor stuff some puchkas and then batter it up before deep frying.

6. Deep Frying Cheese Slices


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A post shared by Zach (@zachchoi)

Popular Instagram creator Zach (@zachchoi) filmed a video where he stacked white and yellow cheese slices alternatively. Coated it in batter with crumbs and then deep-fried it. He even gorged on it. How much cheese is too much cheese? Ask Zach!

7. Idli Pakoda

This video shows another weird food experiment, where mashed aloo is spread on one idli and topped off with another idli to make a sandwich. Coated in batter, deep friend and served with sambar and chutney.

8. Tomato Bhajiya


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A post shared by Amar Sirohi (@foodie_incarnate)

Ready for another weird food video? A popular vendor in Surat sells Tomato Bhajiya. The sliced tomatoes with a dollop of mint chutney are coated in batter and fried.

8. Chocolate And Ice Cream Dosa


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A post shared by Shubham Mishra (@mumbaikarfoodie__)

The ice cream cone is swapped for a crispy dosa cone. The vendor is seen drizzling chocolate sauce, shavings of chocolate and vanilla ice cream into the dosa cone. Finally, he drizzled some sauce on top.

9. Chocolate Ice Cream Momos

Yeti in Delhi serves Chocolate Ice Cream Momos! In a video covered by Curly Tales, the tiny sheets of momo are filled with liquid chocolate and instead of the distinct red spicy chutney, vanilla ice cream is served. A mind-boggling experience.

10. Apple Sabzi

Make space for another weird food, Apple Sabzi! This aunty is preparing a curry-based Apple Sabzi with onions, tomatoes and spices. Would you want to have this dish?

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11. Idli Keema


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A post shared by Sukrit jain (@thegreatindianfoodie)

This one might not be weird food for many. A man is seen cooking idlis in butter, podi masala, thinly cut veggies, more masala, mashed potatoes, and coriander. When the veggies were cooked, he took a flat ladle and cut the idlis into small pieces.

12. Fruit Chai

Fruit Chai
Image Courtesy: HasnaZarooriHai/ X

Pretty sure all the chai lovers are fuming just by reading it. We might skip it because the vendor is seen preparing chai with whole peeled bananas and chikoos! He is rather proud to sell what isn’t even available at 5-star hotels.

13. Pineapple Cheese Sandwich

Pineapple on pizza is still up for debate for some. Now, we are being graced by the same setup on a much lower budget. The sandwich is a slice of pineapple on one bread and the rest two have pineapple jam topped off with loads of cheese. 

14. Oreo Fried Rice


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A post shared by aaGam pAKSHUlu (@aagampakshulu)

A collective facepalm upon seeing Oreo Fried Rice. this weird food has offended a lot of people starting from Chinese to Indians. Somehow oreo biscuits have made their way to a simple fried rice. That too the video shows putting soya sauce with oreos, veggies, salt, and steamed rice.

15. Tomato Ice Cream


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A post shared by Rajanmishra (@aapkabhai_foody)

Hold your ice creams cause tomatoes might fall into it. A street vendor is seen chopping up tomatoes, adding caramel and milk to mix and make ice cream rolls out of it. It was then topped off with more caramel sauce and chopped tomatoes.

16. Cheese Maggi Appe

After all this time, Maggi is just now a food item that has been experimented a little too much for weird food combinations. This video shows cooked magic put in Appe maker, a cube a cheese and then covered with Maggi and cooked again.

17. Mango Pizza

Mango lovers, where are you? Stay where you are because mangoes are going as toppings on pizza. The video shows a man putting thinly sliced mangoes on a pizza base with a mango-based sauce. At least they didn’t use cheese on top of it.

18. Pani Puri Cake


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A post shared by Gokul Kitchen (@gokul_kitchen)

Yes, you read that right. This was made as a birthday cake for someone with proper ragda, meethi chutney, teekhi chutney, sev, cream, and pani puris. The cake bases were soaked in meethi and teekhi chutneys, the whole cake was well coated with sev and decorated with pani puris.

19. Pasta Biryani


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A post shared by Karan Dua (@dilsefoodie)

Tastebuds have given up on these weird food experiments cause what! The video shows veggies, paneer, masalas, steamed rice, cream, curry of palak chhole, nutrella gravy and pasta cooking on a tawa. Do you have the guts to try this? 

20. Dry Fruit Pizza

Last but not least, we saw Dry Fruit Pizza. Italians are shaking and screaming. A vendor puts pizza sauce on the pizza base and topped off with cashews and raisins. He baked it and then put cheese on top with some raisins.

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Creativity shouldn’t stop, even if half the population might shun your creation, the other half will praise it.

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