AlUla Family Turns Farm Into A Resort; Stay Amidst The Mountains Starting At AED 3,500

by Deeplata Garde
AlUla Family Turns Farm Into A Resort; Stay Amidst The Mountains Starting At AED 3,500

In a bid to attract visitors from near and far, a family in AlUla has undertaken a remarkable transformation. They have turned their farm into a charming resort known as Tarah. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds them, the family has lovingly adorned the place with decorative items and handcrafted artwork. This initiative marks their initial venture into rural lodging investments. with ambitious plans for development and expansion, aiming to compete with major industry players.

Preserving the Original Charm Of This Farm Turned Resort In AlUla

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Tarah, which means “leave it” in Arabic, is a nod to the family’s choice to preserve the farm’s original features. The resort comprises six uniquely themed and designed rooms, a shared lounge, kitchen, dining area, and a garden that beckons guests to relax and unwind.

Hashem Abdullah Al-Balwi, the head of the Ajwaa Al-Mazra’ah Agricultural Tourism Foundation, expressed that, driven by a growing interest in tourism in the AlUla province.  Further, the initiative aims to revitalize the idea of agricultural tourism in an innovative and regionally grounded manner.

Eco-Friendly Hospitality

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The Tarah resort takes eco-friendliness to heart, utilizing solar energy and water recycling systems to minimize their environmental footprint. They also cultivate their vegetables and fruits, which they proudly offer to their guests.

In addition, they want to offer an authentic and unique experience to our guests, something that they cannot find anywhere else. Also, they want them to feel the hospitality and warmth of the people of AlUla, and to enjoy the natural and historical attractions of this region, Al-Saleh emphasized.

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Tourism  Plans By Royal Commission Of AlUla

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With great optimism about the future of tourism in AlUla, Al-Saleh affirmed, that they believe that AlUla has a lot to offer to the world. They are excited, particularly about the opening of the new airport and the development of cultural and heritage sites.

Part of a Wider Movement

Tarah is just one of many rural lodging projects sprouting in AlUla, aligning with the Royal Commission for AlUla’s (RCU) strategy to diversify the tourism sector as well as to empower the local community.

The RCU has rolled out several initiatives and programs, including the AlUla Farmhouse Program, the AlUla Design Studio, and the AlUla Development Fund. These initiatives are geared towards offering training, funding, and guidance to local investors and entrepreneurs keen on establishing or enhancing their rural lodging facilities while ensuring quality and sustainability.

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The RCU has established a dedicated rural lodging unit. It will oversee and coordinate the development and operation of rural lodging projects in AlUla. Also, it will be fostering communication and cooperation between stakeholders.

Expanding Rural Lodging in AlUla

According to the RCU, there are currently 15 rural lodging facilities in AlUla, providing more than 200 rooms. The plan is to increase this number to 45 facilities, offering over 500 rooms by 2023.

The RCU envisions the rural lodging industry generating over 1,000 direct and indirect jobs for the local community. It will gather more than SR120 million ($32 million) in revenue by 2035. Also, it underscores the potential for growth and positive impact that this sector brings to AlUla and its people.

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