Amidst Relief From Heat, Hyderabad’s Streets Fill With Traffic Jams And Waterlogged Roads

The city's streets transformed into battlegrounds of traffic congestion.

by Mallika Khurana
Amidst Relief From Heat, Hyderabad’s Streets Fill With Traffic Jams And Waterlogged Roads

In the bustling streets of Hyderabad, a dramatic shift in weather unfolded, catching residents off guard. Weeks of scorching heatwave conditions suddenly gave way to heavy rain and thunderstorms, bringing relief to some and chaos to others. As the downpour descended upon the city on Tuesday evening, it seemed as if nature itself was making a statement. The abrupt change disrupted normal life, causing power outages and triggering traffic jams that snarled roads throughout Hyderabad.

Hyderabad Grapples With Traffic Standstills

Parts of Hyderabad were plunged into darkness as the storm’s weight caused the electricity supply to falter. In the meantime, the already packed streets with cars and pedestrians turned into combat zones as people tried to make their way through the flood. As per the Indian Express reports, traffic came to a standstill. As residents posted pictures and videos of the historic event, social media platforms were a flurry of activity.

The online community was particularly drawn to a particular video. It showed the traffic jam on Mindspace Road Survey, Panmaqtha, close to IKEA. But in between the annoyance and the annoyance, there were murmurs of appreciation. The rainfall brought much-needed relief from the unrelenting heat for a considerable number of residents, even though it had unfavourable effects.

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Disaster Response Force Battles To Clear Flooded Streets

But the torrential rains brought with them their own set of difficulties. Waterlogging became a common occurrence on the city’s roads, causing traffic congestion and endangering commuters. A few trees were also uprooted by the storm’s strong winds, which increased the chaos.

Responding swiftly to the crisis, the Disaster Response Force (DRF) personnel of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) sprang into action. According to the Indian Express, they worked tirelessly to clear waterlogged roads and restore normalcy to the city’s thoroughfares.

Notably, areas like Serilingampally and Kukatpally also bore the brunt of the rainfall. They recorded precipitation levels reaching 13 cm and 11 cm, respectively, within a short span of time. The unexpected storm’s widespread effects were highlighted by the 2 to 3 cm of average cumulative rainfall that was recorded throughout Hyderabad and in the nearby districts of Rangareddy and Medchal Malkajgiri.

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